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Join a lovely initiative to get your kids back into writing and learning how to communicate using the traditional method of putting pen to paper.

#UAEPenPals is a great way to introduce letter writing to your children as well as helping them refine their handwriting, spelling and creative writing skills.

--STEP 1--

Have your child write a letter on paper

--STEP 2--

Take a photo of the letter and send it to your pen pals's parent

--STEP 3--

Once received, the parent prints or shows the letter to the second child and they respond in the same way, ensuring that parents are kept in the loop throughout the whole exchange.

--STEP 4-- (optional)

Share your letters on social media and tag #UAEPenPals

UAE Pen Pals (started by mother and daughter team, Asha and Poppy Sherwood of Abu Dhabi Review) encourages children of all ages to get involved, especially older kids who can offer their younger peers support in developing their vocabulary.


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