Toilet Roll Unicorn

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Make use of all your extra lids laying around to make a mini banjo. The materials are simple and the result will be super fun for your little ones to make and play with.


Cardboard Tubes (toilet rolls)
Coloured Paper
Pink Paint
Glitter Foam Sheet
Rainbow Yarn
Black Sharpie Pen

--STEP 1--

Cut some coloured paper to size to fit around your cardboard tube.

--STEP 2--

Wrap the coloured paper around your toilet paper tube and glue it into place. If you prefer you could paint your TP rolls instead.

--STEP 3--

Hold 4 fingers together and repeatedly wrap your rainbow yarn around them over and over until you have a thick hoop of yarn.

--STEP 4--

Gently take the yarn off your fingers and tie the yarn up in the middle with another short piece of yarn.

--STEP 5--

Cut the hoop of yarn opposite the tie you just made. You will have yarn of equal length on each side of the tied portion.

--STEP 6--

To make the unicorn’s mane and tail tie the yarn again on one side to secure and then cut the yarn into 2 pieces. One will be short, one will be long.

--STEP 7--

To make the unicorn’s mane glue the shorter bundle of yarn inside the top of the toilet paper tube leaving some of it hanging over the top.

--STEP 8--

Make the unicorn craft’s tail by glueing on the longer bundle of yarn to the middle of the cardboard tube at the back. You can trim the unicorn’s hair if you like.

--STEP 9--

Cut the unicorn’s horn from your coloured glitter foam sheet and glue it to the top of the mane hair.

--STEP 10--

Cut some simple ear shapes from coloured paper and pinch and glue the base together to make a 3D shape.

--STEP 11--

Glue a unicorn ear on either side of its horn.

--STEP 12--

Finish off your unicorn craft by drawing on some eyes with your Sharpie pen and adding some adorable pink rosy cheeks by dipping your fingertip into pink paint and making a fingerprint.


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