Toilet Roll Crafts: Rocket Ships

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Don't be quick to throw away your toilet paper rolls! Here's a fun hands on craft your kids will really enjoy.

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Toilet Rolls
Paint in your choice of colors
White cardstock
Clear tape
Star stickers

--STEP 1--

Paint your cardboard roll in the colors of your choice. Bright colors are best against a dark, starry background.

--STEP 2--

Once your cardboard roll is dry, snip the bottom in 4 equally spaced places about half an inch up.

--STEP 3--

For the base: Take your white cardstock and cut a rounded rectangle to a size suitable for your rocket, then cut it in half lengthwise. Snip one in the middle coming from bottom, another coming from top so they fit together.

--STEP 4--

Slide the pieces into the cuts on the cardboard roll.

--STEP 5--

Make a small cone, again from the white cardstock. Tape the end closed. Snip off excess around the bottom so it’s even.

--STEP 6--

Apply a line of glue around the top of the cardboard roll and position cone in place.

--STEP 7--

Decorate your rocket with star stickers (or anything else your heart desires)

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