Toilet Roll Crafts: Octopus

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Don't be quick to throw away your toilet paper rolls! Here's a fun hands on craft your kids will really enjoy.

(Find more ideas for DIY toilet roll crafts by searching "toilet roll" on the app)

Toilet Rolls
Paper Eyes or Plastic Googly Eyes
Paint (optional)

--STEP 1--

Start by making four slits in one end of the toilet roll.

--STEP 2--

–Fold the pieces in on each other and glue into position.

--STEP 3--

–Punch holes all around the base of the other end.

--STEP 4--

Then you have two options:

A) The Mess Free ‘Instant’ Option: with markers or colored chalk, decorate the toilet tube with squiggles and attach your googly eyes.

B) Paint the toilet tubes with nice bright fun colors and leave aside to dry. When dry, decorate with some white chalk and your googly eyes.

--STEP 5--

Loop some lengths of wool into the holes all around the base for the wibbly wobbly tentacles.

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