Toilet Roll Crafts: Cars

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Don't be quick to throw away your toilet paper rolls! Here's a fun hands-on car craft that will have your kids painting, cutting, gluing then playing for hours afterwards.

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Toilet Paper Roll
Paint (watercolor or acrylic)
Thin Cardboard
Hot Glue Gun

--STEP 1--

Take each toilet paper roll and cut a “U” shape in the top. Fold up the “U”

--STEP 2--

Paint the tubes

--STEP 3--

Take some light cardboard (a manila envelope) and make some tires and steering wheels. Parents, if you've got toddlers help them by drawing the circles and have them paint them.

--STEP 4--

Once the paint is dry, cut out the wheels and steering wheels and glue everything in place with some hot glue. And zoom zoom zoom!

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