Toilet Roll Castle

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Turn trash into treasures for hours on end using an item as simple as a paper towel roll.


Toilet paper rolls
Construction paper
Glue/hot glue gun

--STEP 1--

Wrap the paper towel roll in construction paper, securing it with hot glue.

--STEP 2--

Draw regal-looking windows and doors on the roll to construct the base of your soon-to-be castle tower.

--STEP 3--

Wrap washi tape around a skewer and cut small triangles in the tape to create flags.

--STEP 4--

Trace the base of a small bowl on paper to create a circle. Cut the shape out. Cut a triangle into the circle and form the paper into a cone shape.

--STEP 5--

Slide the cone onto the top of the roll to give your tower a roof. Now it’s time to move the King and Queen into their new abode.

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