Sticky Sheep

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Here’s a fun, mess-free craft that even a toddler can do! Complete the sheep by giving it a coat of “wool” made of cotton balls!


Cotton balls
Sticky paper (or clear tape)
Permanent marker and/or paint to draw the outline of a sheep

--STEP 1--

On a piece of cardboard, draw a sheep, using markers and/or paint to color; I used a black permanent marker and white tempera paint sticks.

--STEP 2--

Use a knife to cut out the body of the sheep

--STEP 3--

Take a big strip of sticky paper, or several strips of clear tape and place it over the cut body-portion, sticky side up.

--STEP 4--

Provide a bucket of cotton balls for your little one to use to stick to the sheep and give it it’s wool back! Hang it up on the wall for a vertical set up

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