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Yes! You read that right! YOU CAN SEND YOU NAME TO MARS!

Head over to NASA's dedicated webpage and sing up to have your and your aspiring space cadets' names sent to the Red Planet on the next Mars mission. This is history in the making! Just fill out the form with your first and last names, county, postal code, and email, and submit. Once registered you can view your "Boarding Pass" and your email will enable you to earn points and track your "Frequent Flyer Miles" if you sign up for subsequent missions. That's LIGHTYEARS' worth of miles- can you do the math?!

NASA will review and approve the submitted names, before etching them into a microchip which will be placed on the next rover heading to Mars.

Your name will fly on a future NASA mission to Mars in the mid-2020’s. The spacecraft hasn’t been identified yet, but NASA are taking names now that will eventually be placed on a spacecraft headed to Mars. This opportunity will remain open and does not have a close date yet. A close date will be announced as the mission that will fly the names is identified. That’s a few years away, so in the meantime, tell your friends and family to sign up!

This is an awesome activity for your space-obsessed kiddos, so be sure to spend dome time on the "Learn' tab for some quick Mars Mission education!


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