Q-Tip Painted Heart

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This q-tip painted heart art is a fun and easy Valentine’s Day project that only requires a few simple supplies. This would be a great idea for younger kids to practice making patterns, and a fun painting technique for kids of all ages!


White cardstock
Printable template (available in website link)
Watercolor paint
Acrylic paint
Paint palette
Water dish

--STEP 1--

If you are using the heart templates provided, then print them out onto white cardstock and cut them out. Kids can also make their own hearts if they like.

--STEP 2--

Kids can choose to paint their hearts first or leave them white. If you are painting your heart first, decide on a color. It's best to use watercolors for this step, you want the paint color to be light enough so the acrylic paint shows up nice and bright when painting with q-tips.

--STEP 3--

Once your heart is dry, get your acrylic paint colors ready. Use one q-tip per color. Some kids might only want to use two or three colors, while other kids will want to use five or six or more. And paint away! Make whatever pattern your heart desires.

Image/craft credit: www.projectswithkids.com


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