Princess Storytime

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  • Ages 2-8
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We are happy to join forces with H2 Productions and Mumzworld to bring a brand new series of Princess Storytime (starting on Wednesday, September 16th at 6pm) which will be even more interactive and fun than before!

To start the series off, we would love your kids to send in their drawings of their favourite princess to [email protected]

And which story would you like to see? Click VISIT WEBSITE to vote and we'll announce the results a day before the broadcast.

About Princess Storytime:

Every child loves a story, especially just before bedtime - and who better to tell the story than a fairytale princess herself?

Each week, you and your littles get to vote on which story is next, and then join the LIVE interactive session where your boys and girls will be able to ask the princess questions, and even have their drawings featured!

Watch for FREE via or join our Zoom sessions where your kids will be able to chat and interact with the princesses directly!

Look out for the princesses' weekly tasks for your littles and send your drawings to [email protected] (and don't forget to mention your child's name and age), and we may just show them on the live broadcast.

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Per Session AED 20.0
6 Weeks AED 100.0

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