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Make these fun and colorful Love Notes with your kiddos for Valentine' Day. They make decorations and can be given to friends and loved ones as a little gift!


A salad spinner (one you’re willing to get dirty, or you can cover one in plastic wrap)
Several 5x5-in. pieces of colored cardstock (choose as many as you'd like to decorate in different colors)
Acrylic craft paint (get colorful with different shades)
Water (to thin the paint if it's too thick)
Heart-shaped hole-punch

--STEP 1--

For each valentine, tape a 5x5-in. piece of colored cardstock to the basket of the spinner.

--STEP 2--

Drip a little acrylic craft paint onto the paper, put on the lid, and spin. Repeat with different colors of paint.

--STEP 3--

When dry, punch a small heart from one corner. On the back, write, “You make my heart spin!" or whatever note you'd like to dedicate to the recipient. If you're using the cards to decorate your home, you could even write notes to each other!

Image/craft credit: www.parents.com


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