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We've all done this as kids, so why not introduce your children now. Paper weaving is a great fine motor skills activity for your younger kids, and a beautiful design and art project for older children. It’s is also a great introduction to the art of weaving and knitting.


PAPER WEAVING Cutting Template (Click VIEW NOW to download)
Colored Paper
Old Magazines, crepe paper, newspaper but into strips
Exacto Knife (cutter)

--STEP 1--

Adults should prepare the base/template by cutting slots with a cutter in the paper base according to one of our templates. Be sure to stop cutting 1” from the top and bottom of the paper.

--STEP 2--

Cut paper strips that are at a minimum the width of the paper base. I recommend longer strips and trimming them later.

--STEP 3--

Give your child the base and put out a collection of paper scraps. If this is their first time weaving you will need to walk them through the steps of pulling the paper over and under the slots. Make sure to pull the paper over and under alternate slots with each new layer to create a woven texture.

--STEP 4--

Continue until the slots are filled.

--STEP 5--

If desired trim edges of paper strips to match the paper base.

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