Paper Bunny Garland

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Bunny hop on over and get ready to create the most adorable garland ever.

--What You'll Need--

Scrapbook paper
Cotton balls
Twine (or yarn)
Glue or scrapbook stickers
Box cutter

-- STEP 1 --
Search “bunny template” on Google to find tons of options for printable templates. Or simply draw one yourself!

-- STEP 2 --
After you’ve printed and cut out your bunny template, trace six to seven bunnies onto different papers with a pencil. I used scrapbook paper with spring-like patterns, like florals, light pinks, and mint greens.

If you don't have scrap paper, other options to use include:

Butcher paper
Construction paper
Paper bags
Wallpaper samples
Vintage wallpaper

-- STEP 3 --
Plop the cotton ball tails onto their bums

-- STEP 4 --
Use a box cutter to cut two slits on either side of the bunny’s head. The slits are large enough to pull the twine through, but not so big that the bunny looks strange.

-- STEP 5 --
Carefully string your bunnies onto the twine.

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