Origami Lucky Star

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Once you get the hang of making these little Origami stars you won't stop. Have your kids join in too. They may just get it faster than the grown ups!

Click WATCH HERE for the step by step video instructions.



--STEP 1--

Cut 1cm strip off a A4 sheet of paper to make the Origami lucky Star

--STEP 2--

You now need to “tie a knot” into your Origami Lucky Star.

--STEP 3--

Tuck in the piece of paper.

--STEP 4--

Gently pull tied to secure your Origami Lucky Star

--STEP 5--

Now flip your Origami Lucky Star Over.

--STEP 6--
Tuck in the little piece that is left over. If it is “too long”, tear a little off. You are now ready to start “wrapping your” Origami Lucky Star.

--STEP 7&8--

Start wrapping your paper round and round and round. When you fold it over, there are two places you can fold you paper – one will be a neat clear fold. The other won’t be.

--STEP 9--

Fold it across and then tuck it under. Neaten the edge.

--STEP 10--

Then take strip and fold over again. You repeat this step until you have used up all your paper

--STEP 11--

Wrap until you are left with one little bit

--STEP 12--

Tuck this piece in.

--STEP 13--

Place your Origami lucky star on the table.

--STEP 14--

Gently pinch the sides of your Origami Lucky Star in. This is in some ways is the hardest part…. but just pinch gently and keep going round and you are done!!

Image/activity credit: www.redtedart.com


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