Jello Rescue

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Make your kids feel like superheroes as they rescue their favorite animals by digging them out of "thick water". This simple, squishy and taste safe activity is bound to be a hit with your little ones.


Gelatin (or jello)
Animals or anything you want your kids to find

--STEP 1--

Make clear gelatin following the instructions on the box. Use only 3/4 of the recommended water to make the gelatin. This will make it more stiff and harder to rescue the items. (You can also replace this with Jello but it will be full of sugar and sticky)

--STEP 2--

Insert the toys in the gelatin.

--STEP 3--

Place in the refrigerator until it fully sets.

--STEP 4--

Remove from the refrigerator and have your child rescue the items.

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