Ice Cream Stick Earring Stand

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No matter what your little one makes for you, you'll cherish it. But if your kiddo wants to make something useful for your wardrobe, this cute craft is just the thing to make together.


Around 10 cleaned ice cream sticks
Paint and paintbrush
Strong gel glue

--STEP 1--

Paint the ice cream sticks. Let them dry properly, and spray them with aerosol varnish (optional).

--STEP 2--

Glue 4, 5 or even 6 sticks (depending on the number of earrings you want to hang) horizontally between two other vertical sticks.

Make sure to follow the instructions for the glue you are using, especially regarding the complete drying time.

--STEP 3--

Then form a triangle on each side of the "grid" with two more ice cream sticks.

A small amount of strong glue is enough to stick, however, it will be necessary to firmly hold the sticks a few minutes before the gel sticks well (it is important to have a glue in the form of gel, in order to form a real point of glue where to apply the ends of the ice cream sticks).

--STEP 4--

Be sure to let it dry several hours before hanging your earrings

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