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Play a pre-school game about shapes that's fun and educational too.


Brown paper bag
White paper
Markers (orange, black, green)

-- STEP 1 --

Create the Brown Bag Bunny Puppet with your child. Simply draw on the bunny's features with a marker on the bottom folded part.

-- STEP 2 --

Then cut a piece of white paper into 8 rectangles.

-- STEP 3 --

Using an orange marker, draw 8 different shapes on the papers. These will be your carrots! Use a green maker to draw the leafy part on top of each carrot, and a black marker to draw horizontal lines to make it look more "carrot-y"


- Lay out all the carrots and put the bunny puppet on your hand. In a goofy bunny voice, have the bunny ask your child for a certain shape of carrot.

- Your child finds that shape and then puts it into the bunny's "mouth" (it doesn't go all the way in, so just chomp on it for a few seconds, then put it in a pile on the side.) Then ask for the next shape!

Image credit: www.littlefamilyfun.com


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