DIY Pom Poms

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Who doesn't love pompoms?! Here's how to make your very own pompoms using yarn. Even your little one can help you by wrapping the string, and older kids can help to cut the pompoms.


Sharp fabric scissors

--STEP 1--

Locate a small kids chair or a coffee table—something that’s not too wide and easy to move. Turn it on its front or back to expose the legs.Take one bundle of yarn and tie a knot from one leg to another.

--STEP 2--

Snip off the excess yarn knot and start wrapping the same way numerous times. The thicker the yard wrapping, the thicker and larger your poms will be.

--STEP 3--

Once you’re happy with the thickness of your yard rope, cut the yarn, and tie the end of the string to the bundle of yarn with a double knot. This will make a large loop of yarn.

--STEP 4--

Snip off about 15-20 4-5″ strips of yarn from the roll of yarn you have remaining, and use those small yarn strings to tie a double knot over your yard rope about every 2-3″.

--STEP 5--

Repeat this step until you make it all the way around the yarn rope.

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