DIY Lab Glove Box

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Turn your kids into mini scientists in this fun hands-on activity

Cardboard box
2 Gloves
Cling Film
Magnifying Glass
Flat & Wide Paint Brush
Items to discover (stones, buttons, plastic gems)

--STEP 1--

Cut off the flaps of a cardboard box

--STEP 2--

Cut out two circles for your hands & the two gloves

--STEP 3--

Insert two gloves and secure them in place with tape

--STEP 4--

Place a magnifying glass, brushes and items to discover like gems, stones, and buttons (get as creative as you can)

--STEP 5--

Cover the box with transparent cling film

--STEP 6--

Let your kids place their hands through the holes and into the gloves to explore what's inside the box

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