DIY Constellation Jar

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Make your very own constellation inside a jar that can shine all over your bedroom walls.


A wide-mouth jar
Disposable cake pan / tin foil
Small click light
BBQ stick
Pair of scissors

-- STEP 1 --

Cut a strip of foil long enough to fit around inside the jar and tall enough to reach to the very top of the jar. Use a spoon to brandish out any writing or crinkled parts.

-- STEP 2 --

Use the BBQ stick to poke holes for the constellations. You can either Google constellations like Hercules, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Orion and copy them or make your own.

-- STEP 3 --

Connect the constellation dots with a silver Sharpie to make them easier to spot (optional)

-- STEP 4 --

Fill in the other space with more holes. Make these holes smaller (by using a safety pin or tip of a pen) than the ones used to make the constellations because it will set the constellations apart.

-- STEP 5 --

Roll the aluminium sheet until it fits snug inside your constellation jar. Hold the circle in place by cutting two tabs and folding them in opposite directions.

-- STEP 6 --

Put the encircled aluminium sheet inside the constellation jar. Turn the click light on and place it inside. Top with the lid.

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