DIY Circle Punch Art

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Here’s a simple art project that’ll look awesome to hang even in the living room

--What you'll need--

Large hole-punch ( 1 1/4 inch circle size)
Colored, patterned, and textured paper
Large white poster paper
Frame (optional)

--Step 1--

Punch circles out of your various sheets of paper

--Step 2--

Take your poster paper, and using the pencil and ruler, measure out where the colored circles will the glued on. Measure 1 3/4 inch between each circle and mark each spot with a little dot, if you like symmetry. Or have the kiddos create whatever patter of shape the choose!

--Step 3--

Have the kiddos glue the colored circles onto their spots, or they can stick them in their own unique collage formation

--Step 4--

Frame and hang!

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