DIY Cardboard Bed

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Don't let your delivery cardboard boxes go to waste! Here's an idea to repurpose your delivery boxes into something great that your child will have oodles of fun with!

(Find more ideas for DIY cardboard box crafts & games by searching "cardboard" on the app)

Box Cutter
Long Ruler

--STEP 1--

Click VIEW below to find the measurements needed

--STEP 2--

Mark measurements with a pencil then cut out the pieces, using a ruler to cut against and guide your blade. (Click VIEW below to see guide on how to make rounded corners.)

--STEP 3--

Cut out the notches, which are about 1/8” wide

--STEP 4--

Assemble legs into the base first - coloured dots indicate where to insert (rounded edge up)

--STEP 5--

Insert headboard and foot into legs

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