DIY Best Dad Award Ribbon

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Cute little craft that you can make with your littles for their number 1 dad!


2 sheets of red paper (or any other colour)
Yellow paper
Black marker

--STEP 1--

Start by folding a sheet of paper in half (along the longer side)

This way the center will be marked. Now cut along the middle to get two long strips of paper.

--STEP 2--

Start folding the sheet of paper (the strip) making accordion folds all the way till the end. Do the same with the other strip of paper.

--STEP 3--

Push the “accordion” together (close it). Fold it in half. Glue together on one side. This will make the paper look like a fan.

--STEP 4--

At the bottom of the fan, the last two or three accordion folds will still be able to be stretched out. We don’t want that, so apply a small amount of glue at the centre to glue them together.

Repeat these steps with the other strip of paper.

--STEP 5--

Now you have two fans and you need to glue them together. Hold them together for a while for the glue to set.

--STEP 6--

Cut a circle out of yellow paper. It needs to be smaller than the award ribbon rosette.

Write what the award is for e.g. “Best Dad Award”.

--STEP 7--

Add glue at the back of the yellow circle and press it on to the rosette. Allow the glue to set.

--STEP 8--

Cut two ribbons out of red paper. Glue them on the back of the award ribbon rosette.

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