Colourful Ice Cube Soup

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If you've got little fans of water play, this ice play set up is sure to be a huge hit! Plus, it's a cool and refreshing play idea for hot summer days.


Large bowls/containers
Ice cubes coloured with food colouring (make lots)
VERY cold water for play (you don’t want the ice cubes melting too quickly)
Spoons, scoops and funnels
Small bowls and containers

--STEP 1--

Freeze about a dozen ice cube trays full of colourful ice cubes. Rather than adding food colouring to the individual sections of an ice cube tray, add several drops of food colouring to a jug of water, and use that to fill a few ice cube trays.

--STEP 2--

Once your ice cubes are frozen, transfer them into a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer. Give your ice cube trays a rinse, and begin again with a new colour.

--STEP 3--

Fill your large container with very cold water and watch as your kids scoop, pour and transfer water from one container to the next using scoops, ladles and funnels.



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