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Don't let your delivery cardboard boxes go to waste! Here's an idea to repurpose your delivery boxes into something great that your child will have oodles of fun with!

(Find more ideas for DIY cardboard box crafts & games by searching "cardboard" on the app)

Three large boxes
Book covering (or wrapping paper, or simply paint)
Black card for wheels
White craft foam for headlights
Pink craft foam for steering wheel
Door handle
Water bottle
Shoe box for seat
Packaging tape and craft glue

--STEP 1--

Find three boxes that are the same size (or at least the same width). The middle box should be large enough for your child to sit in.

--STEP 2--

From left to right, tape the first box completely shut, tape the bottom only of the second box and the top only of the third.

--STEP 3--

Cover either end of the car with book covering (or wrapping paper or newspapers even- optional). Bend in or cut off the remaining box flaps to the left of the middle box. The flap remaining will become the windscreen of the car.

--STEP 4--

To make the car door: use scrap card to make a template of a shape that you are happy with. Then, trace the shape onto the side of the middle box and cut along the marked line (leaving the one side attached as a hinge).

--STEP 5--

To make the windscreen: Mark the area to remove and cut out with a cutter (it's best if the grown ups do this). Then, use the cut out piece to reinforce the windscreen along the fold of the box flap by taping it in place with packaging tape.

--STEP 6--

To make the wheels: Cut out circles from plastic plates, craft foam, paper, card, draw or paint them on.

--STEP 7--

To make the wheels: Cut out circles from plastic plates, craft foam, paper, card, draw or paint them on. Use craft glue to attach the wheels to the car.

--STEP 8--

To make the headlights: Cut circles from white craft foam (or paper or card) and attach with craft glue. You may also like to make brake lights from red craft foam for the back of the car.

--STEP 9--

To make the steering wheel: simply trace around a plate or bowl and cut it out with your utility knife (grown ups, this task should be yours alone). Trace around the cap from a water bottle for the centre hole and then cut it slightly smaller.

--STEP 10--

Attaching the steering wheel (quite tricky): On the inside of the car (think dashboard), mark where the center of the steering wheel will need to be secured. Make a deep cut with your utility knife to mark this spot through the sides of the two adjoined boxes. Then flip the car onto its side to access the bottom of the box that was left open. Use the slit you have just made as a guide to cut a hole with your utility knife large enough to fit the neck of a water bottle through. Stick the bottle neck through the hole with the bottle inside the enclosed box. Then thread on your steering wheel and screw on the bottle top.

--STEP 11--

Add a handle to the door for decorative purposes and voila!

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