Cardboard Animal Barn

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Turn your old cardboard boxes into a life-long toy! Make your very own animal barn and paint it in the colors you like.

(Find more ideas for DIY cardboard box crafts & games by searching "cardboard" on the app)

Cardboard box
Box Cutter
Primer/White Paint
Colored Paint for the barn
Paint Rollers/Brushs

--STEP 1--

Get a large cardboard box and start transforming it into a barn shape by cutting it out with an x-acto knife and sticking it together with wood glue (or similar)

--STEP 2--

To get the doors to fold out, help your kids to by scoring the inside of the cardboard with a cutter.

--STEP 3--

Paint with a basic primer and outline a window and a door with painters tape.

--STEP 4--

Once everything is taped, let your kids paint the barn with rollers and red paint.

--STEP 5--

Let the red paint dry and then use a foam brush and washable, black paint to do the roof.

--STEP 6--

When all the paint is dry, pull off the tape and enjoy!

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