Build a Mini Home with Bildits Dubai - Advanced Kit

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Bildits is the first construction toy that replicates the real construction process! Build your own house with your own hands: pour the cement, build walls and paint your house!


The ultimate hands-on building experience with more than 700 pieces, this kit is designed to create a 100% authentic building experience and encourage creativity.

Browse through the manual containing 15 designs with a step by step guide and engineering tips and facts. Then assemble the modular formwork pieces, pour the cement to make the structure with slabs and columns, build the masonry walls and finally paint your house!

This kit is suitable for creativity and hands-on levels for 10-year-old kids to 99-year-old kids at heart.

Everything you need is available in the kit, even gloves, a working sheet and a container to mix the cement. All you have to do is build it!


Activity Prices

Advanced Kit

AED 489.32 AED 440.39

Refill Construction Material

AED 110.1 AED 99.09

Refill Putty

AED 29.36 AED 26.42

Refill Brick

AED 73.4 AED 66.06

Refill Cement

AED 29.36 AED 26.42

Adv Kit - Delivery Per kit

AED 195.02

Refill Construction - Delivery Per kit

AED 40.37

Refill Putty - Delivery Per kit

AED 40.37

Refill Brick - Delivery Per kit

AED 70.24

Refill Cement - Delivery Per kit

AED 77.58
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10% off Advanced Kit

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