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Bubble painting produces bright, brilliant prints that are immediately frame-worthy, plus it’s the perfect balance between an exciting dry ice experiment and a creative art project, which makes an awesome STEAM activity for your littles.


Bowl full of warm water
Baking sheet
Dry ice
Liquid dish soap
Food colouring
White paper
Paper towels

--STEP 1--

Place the bowl of water on top of a baking sheet to catch the mess that I knew was coming. Use gloves to place a plum-sized chunk of dry ice into the bowl full of water. The interaction between dry ice and water is always fascinating to watch!

--STEP 2--

Squeeze a generous amount of liquid dish soap into the water. Like magic, cloud-filled bubbles will to grow out from the bowl (this will be super exciting for your little ones).

--STEP 3--

Squeeze one drop of food colouring onto the bubbles that are pouring out of the bowl. Before those bubbles can go anywhere, press a piece of white paper onto the coloured bubbles, pull it away, and voila! Bubble prints.

Image/activity credit: www.sciencekiddo.com


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