Face Shields by Cheeky Monkeys

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  • Ages 1-16
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Get your family some lightweight and comfortable face shields that are optically clear and cover the entire face.

These can be used with other protective gear such as face masks.


1) Kids' Face Shield with Designs (Unicorn, Princess, Dinosaur & Monkey)
2) Kids' Face Shield with Markers & Sticker
3) Adult Face Shield
4) Adult Face Shield with Glass Frames

Once you have made your order, the provider will be in touch to confirm your delivery address.


Depending on where you go, you and your family may still need to wear medical/cloth masks underneath these face shields. Always take some medical/cloth masks with you regardless and check with the relevant authorities.

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Kids Shield w/design AED 39/pcs
Kids Shield w/marker AED 39/pcs
Adult Shields AED 49/pcs
Delivery AED 20/order

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