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"Icky! Yucky! Ew!", Said all Picky Eaters. Sounds familiar? We've all had a kiddo declare something was yucky before they'd even tried it, making meals a little challenging at times. But worry not, because LPM have come to the rescue!

Yes, the very same fabulous, Mediterranean-inspired French restaurant has felt your struggle, and is here to add some 'ooh la la' to your little ones' dining experience.

The creative culinary minds at LPM Restaurant & Bar have created the perfect yuck-proof menu for your kiddos! That's right, an entire KID-APPROVED combo of starters, mains, and sides is now available for you to order exclusively through Deliveroo. Here's a look at the yummy selection:

● Ratatouille avec Féta - Mediterranean Vegetables Marinated in Olive Oil with Feta
● Croquettes de Morue - Salt Cod Croquettes with Oven Roasted Pepper Relish
● Salade de Lentilles Vertes - Salad of Green Lentils

● Coquelet au Citron Confît - Roast Baby Chicken Marinated in Lemon
● Côtelettes d'Agneau Vivienne - Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Smoked Aubergine
● Gnocchi à la Tomate Fraîche - Gnocchi with Cherry Tomato Garlic and Parmesan

● Haricots Verts - Green Beans
● Broccolini - Steamed Broccolini


Menu pour Enfant - Prices and Offers

1 Starter + 1 Main + 1 Side

AED 135

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