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Discover what your child's true potential is in Math, Languages, Music, Creativity and Sports through a neuro-psychologic methodology.

Over 85% of parents tend to get their child’s talents wrong, and as a result, children end up developing what their parents like, not the talents they are born with.

Based on biological neuro-feedback, Verbatoria offers neural assessment analysis for different age groups based on brain assessment tools. You even get a score of your child's thinking type (analytical vs. metaphorical) to know his/her best-fit learning approach.


Step 1 - Measuring

Recording of brain waves is carried out while your child solves simple tasks from different areas, during a 25-35 minute test.

Step 2 - Analysis

The recorded waves are automatically analyzed by a unique patented algorithm without a human participator.

Step 3 - TQ-Report

The TQ-Report on the intelligenceі clearly describes the long-term personal development plan based on your child's talents.


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Assessment Per child

AED 2,500 AED 1,875
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