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Kidzapp Dec 12-30, Sun-Thu 10:00 to 13:00 Kidzapp Kidzapp Arjan Dubailand, Barsha South, Diamond Business Center 1, Block A, Office 412a, Dubailand

Sign up your boys and girls for STEMA's innovative Winter Camp and pave the way for your child's bright future. This camp will help develop problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills. Click MORE for camp details and schedule.

During each week, students will be learning two courses in one package - Getting 2 COURSES FOR THE PRICE OF 1!


**WEEK 1**

1. Robotics Coding and Design
Students will learn how to create robots that respond to their commands and interact with the outside environment. Learn fundamentals of programming, including functions, subroutines, conditional statements, and loops. Students will also learn about simple machines and objects manipulation, apply testing techniques to identify improvements. Use sensors to solve real-life problems and automate their robots, such as Bumper switch, color sensor, touch sensor, and distance sensor.

2. Virtual Reality
Students will learn how to program and design a Virtual Reality Environment with a 360-degree view, add and customize 3D models, pictures, and sounds, animate characters, apply programming skills to make an interactive environment, create multiple scenes, and program a camera to in the VR world like a movie. Students will use VR Glasses to interact and try their VR world.

**WEEK 2**

1. Drones and Aerodynamics
Learn about drones and their applications, how to program them to fly high and move in different directions based on aerodynamics principles. Learn about drones sensors and how they're used to maintain altitude, avoid obstacles, navigation, and landing. Learn how to add a robotic arm and program it to move objects from one place to another or rescue people. In addition to that, they will learn how to use other sensors to measure speed, inclination, and atmospheric temperature.

2. Minecraft Game Design
This course introduces students to the fun of the coding world, learning programming fundamentals: conditional statements, variables, events, functions and parameters, iteration and arrays using a block-based coding environment using Minecraft Education Edition by Microsoft. Students will learn how to create games and develop challenges, test, and play their games with others.

**WEEK 3**

1. The Mechanic
Explore the world of Mechanics by building simple and powered machines, such as Cranes, Cars, Clock, and more! Learn how to use gears, pulleys, wheels, and axles as an expert. Apply Physics concepts through a hands-on activity such as speed, motion, balance, and friction. Build, test, observe and upgrade. Become The Mechanic.

2. Artificial Intelligence
Learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning and real-life applications, how to interact and teach an AI machine. Practice image processing activities, create an app similar to Snapchat filters, use voice recognition functions to give voice commands. At the end of the course, students will program an AI robot and teach it how to move, talk, and act like a human! How to navigate its way, greet others, and detects humans’ feelings and Age!


1 Week
2 Weeks
3 Weeks


Date: Dec 12-30
Timings: Sun-Thu 8am to 1pm

Week 1 (Dec 12-16):
10am to 11:30am -- Robotics Coding and Building
11:30am to 11:45am -- Break
11:45am to 1pm -- Virtual Reality (Coding and Design)

Week 2 (Dec 19-23):
10am to 11:30am -- Drones Coding
11:30am to 11:45am -- Break
11:45am to 1pm -- Minecraft Game Design (Coding and Design)

Week 3 (Dec 26-30):
10am to 11:30am -- The Mechanic (Building and Structure)
11:30am to 11:45am -- Break
11:45am to 1pm -- Artificial Intelligence (Coding)


- The camp is split into two ages group: 5-8 years and 9-14 years

- Students will receive international certificates by after finishing the course (two certificates per week). KHDA certificates are also available for an extra fee (optional).


Innovative Winter Camp by STEMA - Prices and Offers

1 Week Camp Per child

AED 800 AED 680

2 Week Camp Per child

AED 1300 AED 1105

3 Week Camp Per child

AED 1800 AED 1530
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