Allround Western Vocal Sessions

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Step into Allround’s cozy learning space, a safe and focused place for your kiddos to explore their musical goals.

Let them master their voice and expand their vocal range in the context of one-on-one weekly sessions through specialized vocalizations, vocal and breathing exercises that strengthen and support air flow, emphasizing phrasing and bel canto technique. Your kiddos will gain self-confidence and reach their greatest musical potential.

Lessons will focus on helping them develop their pitch, rhythm, musicality and sense of performance and help implement these concepts while learning how to sing songs of varied genre.

Classes will be taken by teachers who have studied music professionally and have experience of teaching children.

Their teachers are also part time performers which gives them a edge while they teach your children to learn and develop ability to perform. They also support students by providing with post class learning aids which helps them practice whatever they have learnt in the class from the teachers.


Allround Western Vocal Sessions - Prices and Offers

Semi Annual (48 Live Sessions) Per child

AED 657

Annual (96 Live Sessions) Per child

AED 1152

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