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About Nutty Scientists Birthday Parties:

Your boys and girls are in for a crazy and amazing birthday party with these guys with themes such as:

---Hippy Hydrogen (aka the "Ice Age Show")---

Showcasing the power of carbon ice. Kids can see, feel and even taste the “COOL” experiments of carbon ice and explore the process of sublimation through colorful bubble creations, spellbinding concoctions and brain-freezing tricks. Volunteers are picked to interact with every experiment (includes 9-12 amazing science experiments).

---Happy Helium (aka the "Looney Gas Show")---

Kids can experience mind-boggling experiments of instantly turning ordinary, everyday stuff into icy, mesmerizing frozen products. Get ready to be slack-jawed and amazed with Nutty Scientists’ Nitro powered mini show! (includes 10-13 cool science experiments).

---Nutty Nitrogen (aka Magnificent Blizzard Show)---

A combo of the best of the best “COOL” experiments and made into a bone-chilling, spine-tingling, goosebumps-inducing dry ice and liquid nitro extravaganza. Your kids will be doing hands-on experiments in rotation.

Party Locations:
- Your own home
- Level Kids
- The Bee Hive

Prices below are for max. 25 kids


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