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Let your kids release their energetic feat over at Fame Dance and Music Academy. Click MORE for further details on their classes and schedule!

Sign them up for their Russian Vaganova Ballet Classes, accredited by Lujo Davico ballet school OR let them groove to the beat in Hip-hop, Bollywood, and Contemporary Dance Classes. While you, parents, can lounge or even join a variety of dance classes prepared specially for adults.

At Fame Dance and Music Academy, they aim at providing quality classes, creating memories and building a happy and fit community, under the supervision of some the world’s best dance teachers.

You can also join their ONLINE classes if you’re working all day, busy with your kids or having a hard time reaching your dance classes on time.


*Bonding Ballet (2-3 yrs old)*
Create a lasting bond, dance together with your little princess!
Tue/Thu 3:30pm to 4:00pm
Fri/Sun 12:30pm to 1:00pm

*Pre-Primary Ballet (4-6 yrs old)*
Make friends, enjoy and create bonds with other little princesses!
Tue/Thu at 4:00pm
Fri/Sun at 1:00pm

*Primary Ballet (7-11yrs old)*
Let ballet usher your little princess, be graceful like a swan.
Tue/Thu at 5:00pm
Fri/Sun at 2:00pm

*Daddy’s Princess (4-7yrs old)*
Make time for your Princess now, and see her blossom to be the future Queen that she is.
Sat at 1:00pm

*Hiphop 1 (4-6 yrs old)*
Let your child embrace their love for dance!
Mon at 4:00pm
Sat at 2:00pm

*Hiphop 2 (7-12 yrs old)*
Build their confidence by dancing and making new friends!
Mon at 5:00pm
Sat at 3:00pm

*Tiktok Kids (7-12yrs old)*
Express yourself and have fun like “oh na na na”!
Wed at 4:00pm
Sat at 3:00pm

*Contemporary Beginners (10-16 yrs old)*
A mix of graceful and sharp movements, the perfect fusion dance.
Mon/Fri 6:00pm

*Bollywood Fit Kids (7-12 yrs old)*
Embracing the Indian heritage with cool modern dance moves!
Mon at 4:00pm
Sat at 4:00pm

*Bollywood Fit Teens (13-19yrs old)*
You know you want to dance to DESI beats. Who doesn’t?!
Mon at 5:00pm
Sat at 5:00pm

*Hiphop Teens (13-19yrs old)*
Support your child’s passion, watch them shine!
Wed at 5:00pm
Fri at 3:00pm

*Zumba Teens (13-19yrs old)*
Make friends, have fun and get fit while dancing!
Sat/Wed at 5:00pm

*Urban Dance Teens, B-boy Breakdance (13-19yrs old)*
Excited to try those floor moves? Get ready to break it down on the dance floor!
Fri/Sun at 5:00pm

*Tiktok Teens (13-19yrs old)*
Be a Star! Practice and polish your Tiktok dance moves and shine!
Sat at 4:00pm

*Hiphop Adults*
A unique and exciting style of street dance. Groove to hiphop beats!
Wed at 6:00pm
Fri at 4:00pm

*Belly Dancing (Adults)*
Embrace your inner goddess and dance like the Queen that you are!
Mon/Wed at 8:30am
Tue/Thu at 7:00pm
Sun at 11:00am

*Zumba Adults*
A fun, dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system!
Sat/Wed at 6:00pm

*Salsa (Adults)*
Listen to great music, burn hundreds of calories with spicy upbeat dance moves and release feel-good hormones.
Sun/Thu at 8:00pm

*Bollywood Fit Adults*
Energetic and colorful Indian dance forms using Bhangra, Garba and Modern dance moves to the beat of Bollywood music.
Thu at 6:00pm
Sat at 7:00pm

*Ballet Barre (Adults)*
Build your strength, lengthen your muscles, and improve your stamina and balance.
Wed at 7:00pm
Sun at 7:00pm

*Yoga (Adults)*
As the saying goes “It’s all in the mind”. Improve your breathing, meditate and release the stress. Take control of your mind, do not let it control you.
Fri at 8:00am and 7:00pm
Mon/Wed at 9:00pm

*Heels (Adults)*
Tues/Sat at 8:00pm


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5) Confirm and pay booking

6) Click CALL NOW to contact venue on +971545494699 and confirm class schedule and timings


Fame Dance and Music Academy advocates enjoying and learning through dance and music. Fame is a safe haven for both kids and the kids at heart. It's a place where you cannot just learn, but also enjoy, meet new people and detox from the hustle and bustle of the city life.


Fame Dance and Music Academy - Prices and Offers

1) 1-Month Package (1x per week)

Per person

AED 400 AED 340
2) 1-Month Package (2x per week)

Per person

AED 720 AED 648
3) 3-Months Package (1x per week)

Per person

AED 980 AED 930
4) 3-Months Package (2x per week)

Per person

AED 1,900 AED 1,800
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