Horse Riding Lessons in Dubai

Kidzapp Daily 06:00 to 21:00 Kidzapp Al Jumooh Equestrian Club, Dubailand Kidzapp

Begin your journey with horses at Al Jumooh Equestrian Club where you'll learn all the basics from mounting to mastering trot. Horse riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders are available, with the support of Al Jumooh's experienced and professionally qualified coaches. Through the lessons, each rider will achieve their own personal goals in a safe and friendly environment.

A variety of packages are available to suit all sorts of schedules.

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45min Private AED 250
10 Private Lessons AED 2,000
45min Semi-Private AED 200
10 Semi-Private AED 1,600
Group Lesson AED 120
10 Group Lessons AED 1,000
20min Pony Ride AED 100
90min Desert Hack AED 250

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