Up to 50% off Dance Packages @ Melodica

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KIDZAPP DEAL: Get up to a 50% discount on DANCE LESSON Packages at Melodica.

Option 1: Up to 30% off Basic and Silver Packages

Option 2: 50% off Gold and Platinum Packages (only available at Times Square Center, The Villa and Al Furjan Pavillon)

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Al Furjan Pavillon
Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Times Square Center
Palm Jumeirah
Wasl Vita Mall
The Centro, The Villa
Cedre Mall, Silicon Oasis
Abu Dhabi Mall

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About Dance Lessons at Melodica:

Introduce your kids to the world of dance and movement with group lessons at Melodica. They can twirl and stretch in Ballet sessions, shake and grove in the Hip-hop classes or learn the age-old martial art of Karate.

Lesson Options:

Basic Package -- 4 classes (1 month)
Silver Package -- 12 classes (3 months)
Gold Package -- 24 classes (6 months)
Platinum Package -- 36 classes (9 months)

Basic Package -- 8 classes (1 month)
Silver Package -- 24 classes (3 months)
Gold Package -- 48 classes (6 months)
Platinum Package -- 72 classes (9 months)

Basic Package -- 12 classes (1 month)
Silver Package -- 36 classes (3 months)
Gold Package -- 72 classes (6 months)
Platinum Package -- 108 classes (9 months)

--Terms & Conditions--

- All fees should be paid in advance to the venue and are non-refundable

- There is a one-time Registration Fee of AED 150 per student

- Cancellations must be in writing 24 hours in advance

- Make-up lessons should be booked in the same week or before next lesson

- Packages can only be frozen with an advance written notice

- Dance classes and timetable may vary without notice

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--Regular Price-- --1x/week--
Basic Package AED 380
Silver Package AED 1,080
Gold Package AED 2,060
Platinum Package AED 2,900
-- --2x/week--
Basic Package AED 680
Silver Package AED 1,940
Gold Package AED 3,680
Platinum Package AED 5,200
-- --3x/week--
Basic Package AED 880
Silver Package AED 2,500
Gold Package AED 4,750
Platinum Package AED 6,740
--- ---
Fees excl. 5% VAT ---
Deals DEAL

Up to 30% off Dance Packages


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