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BARÇA Academy is the flagship FC Barcelona school aimed at your boys and girls between 4 to 17 YEARS, providing your youngsters a comprehensive training environment.

The BARÇA Academy follows its own particular model, based on the Barça methodology which includes a creative and attacking brand of football and the promotion of positive values such as respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and humility.

The official BARÇA football academy is a school of life that nurtures young people through football. Its aim is to take the club’s style of play to the world, giving any boy or girl who identifies with their values ​​and who wants to learn to play like BARÇA the opportunity to become a BARÇA player.


Term 2 -- Jan 3 to May 1
Term 3 -- May 2 to Jul 3


Programmes at BARÇA start for kids as young as 4 with the pre-initiation stage, a special programme that helps build coordinative, cognitive, social and emotional structure of person-athlete so that from the age of 6 or 7 up until 18, a player is well prepared to follow the same methodological pattern in which all our training at Barça is centered on.

This programme focuses on the development of their youngest players (U5–U6) and mainly seeks the improvement of motor and coordinative skills through the practice of soccer and introduction to the basic soccer moves.


This program is oriented at players who are required to work and improve their individual and team skills. They will be introduced to different techniques and training methodologies to ensure their progress and development.

The Development programme is the base programme, which gives players the main start for the transition to the Advanced programmes of Barça Academy Dubai. Their coaches regularly monitor players’ progress in the Development programme and give the opportunity to selected players of various ages to move a level up if they deem them fit and ready to take it to the next level. Attention is given to mastering players’ individual skills like ball controlling, running with ball, dribbling, tackling, ball interception and shooting as well as sharpening players’ team skills and their understanding of each particular role and position on the pitch.


This recently introduced “Advanced Teams” programme serves as a tier between the Selection and Development teams. Players in this programme will go through a specific advanced training programme different from development teams.

Players that are part of this programme train three times per week and participate in either weekly internal competitions or regional leagues and tournaments according to their level.


The selection teams follow a programme that is different from the other teams to ensure that each player is challenged and developed to reach his/her maximum abilities.

It’s a high-competitive programme that reproduces FC Barcelona’s youth system of integral development through training and competition. This programme comprehends teams from U9 to U16.

Players that are part of this program train three times per week and participate in weekly external competitions, such as regional and national leagues as well as national and international tournaments.


At BARÇA Academy Dubai, they recognize that the position of goalkeeper requires a very specialist set of skills and attributes, therefore, their programme includes specific goalkeeper training.

Goalkeepers will improve their skills and get a better understanding of the role with a world class FC Barcelona goalkeeper coach who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area.

Goalkeeping is a very specialized and technical position on the pitch, all the sessions will focus on developing technical abilities, confidence and concentration, positional sense, communication, handling, footwork, distribution, goal stopping, crosses, organizational skills, kicking, agility and flexibility.

Sessions are delivered in small groups distributed by age and level.


Every BARÇA Academy player can benefit from this advanced training programme to improve physical and technical capabilities, which can run in parallel to your child's regular training at the academy.


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