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Empower your children’s creativity and mental skills with Genius MAP - the Japanese program for whole brain development based on Soroban (Abacus) which is an ancient math calculation tool used in Japan and many other countries.

This global programme, suitable for kids of all academic levels, offers:

- Individual follow up for each student during the training

- International certified trainers

- Certificates which will be delivered from Japan after passing each level


The Genius MAP programme works on the development of your child's BRAIN SKILLS through its different activities that are applied in a weekly routine. These activities help your kids to improve their brain abilities and can also improve their behavior and academic performance.

Modified to suit your child's academic level, Genius MAP uses 4 styles of teaching; Visual, Auditory, Reading and Kinesthetic.

New members need to pay a registration fee. This fee includes file opening, soroban price with delivery, and student access to AbacusPro mobile app


Bring In A Child & Take Back A GENIUS - Prices and Offers

Face-to-Face Course

3 Months Per child

AED 1500
Online Course

3 Months Per child

AED 1350
Registration Fee

New Member

AED 300

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