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A unique zoo and home to over 3,500 animals, this wildlife park is a great family destination full of adventure. Spend the day feeding animals, watching amazing animal shows, and learning about these incredible creatures in a fun and engaging way. Even add in a safari tour if you’re feeling extra brave.

Looking to add an extra WOW factor to your kiddo's birthday? Al Ain Zoo has got you covered with catering and party-hosting services.


- Penguin Parade
- Cheetah Run
- Breakfast with the Giraffes
- Dinner with the Lions
- Lemur Walk
- Visiting the Lion Kingdom
- Hippo and Crocodile Exhibit
- Reptile Encounter
- Penguin Encounter
- Safari Lion's Feeding
- Budgie Feeding
- Penguin Feeding
- Giraffe Feeding
- Wings of the Sahara Show
- Animal Rides (Horse, Camel and Pony)
- Watch Animal Feedings (Chimpanzee, Lion, Monkey, Gorilla, Crocodile and more)
- Bicycle Trail
- Al Ain Mountain Bike


Desert Eagle Owl, Chilean Flamingo, Emu Bird, Blue-necked Ostrich, Lesser Flamingo, Steppe Eagle, Vulturine Guineafowl and Greater Flamingo.

Barbary Sheep, African Wolf, Dama Gazelle, Western Lowland Gorilla, Jaguar, Gemsbok, Chimpanzee, Patas Monkey, Rock Hyrax, Puma, Sand Gazelle, Banded Mongoose, Caracal, Speke's Gazelle, Arabian Leopard, Rhesus Macaque, Springbok, Nubian Ibex, Ginger, Arabian Sand Cat, Sacred Baboon, Meerkat, Bonnet Macaque, Brown Capuchin, Southern White Rhino, Rothschild's Giraffe, African Lion, Arabian Oryx, Ring-tailed Lemur, Common Hippo, Hyena, White Tiger and much more!

Aldabra Giant Tortoise, Leptien's Spinytailed Lizard, African Spurred Tortoise, Red-eared Terrapin and Nile Crocodile.


Imagine entering the world’s largest man-made safari, heading to the King of the Jungle’s wide kingdom in their specially costumed African vehicle, while Lions wandering around you, the King is roaring above your head, his queen is in front of you . . .

Oh Oh, watch your back! There’s another one behind you with his eyes on the prize! All of them are waiting for you to feed them . . . Do you have the courage to?! Did you get that adrenalin rush just imagining it?! Are you excited?! The only question that truly matters is . . . Can you?! There’s only one way to find out! Enough imagining & let’s get started with the most thrilling experience you would ever embark on!


Roaming through the Zoo works up an appetite. They have cafes and restaurants that offer a variety of snacks, food and beverages that will appeal to everyone in your family. Sit down on our green picnic areas and enjoy a quiet meal. How about taking some souvenirs, or purchasing gifts for family or friends? They've got awesome merchandise at their stores too!


Strollers are available to help make your visit a comfortable and memorable one. Enjoy your visit to the Zoo without the hassle of transporting your little one's strollers. Please ask the Guest Relations Agents to help you. Location: Main Entrance Price: Single AED 42, Double AED 73.50.


Prefer to combine a pleasant walk around the zoo with speed and ease? Their shuttle service is the right choice to enjoy a quick tour around the zoo, and it is a perfect choice if you have children or elderlies. The service covers five main stops at the zoo main areas. from 2pm to 7pm.


Let your little animal lover and his/her friends put their favourite mask on and celebrate the day with more than 4000 of their wild, feathered, cute and furry friends. We are happy to fulfil all your child wishes from having a huge bouncing castle, magic shows, private train tours, customized theme and much more! Their festive team will handle all the details to have an unforgettable birthday party.


General Entry
- Entry into Al Ain Zoo
- Access to World Deserts
- Access to Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre (SZDLC)

Safari Truck
- Entry into Al Ain Zoo
- Access to World Deserts
- Access to Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre (SZDLC)
- Safari truck experience


Al Ain Zoo - Prices and Offers

General Entry

Al Ain Zoo + World Deserts + SZDLC

Adult Per person

AED 31.5 AED 28.35

Child 3-12yrs Per person

AED 10.5 AED 9.45

Child below 3yrs

Safari Truck (Adult & Kids 5yrs+ only)

Al Ain Zoo + Al Ain Safari + World Deserts + SZDLC

Adult Per person

AED 210 AED 189

Child 5-12yrs Per person

AED 210 AED 189
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