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Go on an overnight expedition that will give your entire family a thrilling taste of adventure. Kayak for approximately 3km to a desert island where you will sleep under the stars (in a tent). The kayaking requires a bit of hard work, but is suitable for children too.

Tours typically depart mid afternoon and return mid morning. A minimum of 8 guests and a 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.

Noukhada's guides will help with the following:

- Packing and transportation of your food and cooking equipment (one canoe manned by Noukhada staff. If the group is bigger than 8, one or two extra kayaks can also be supplied and they will be towed by the guests. (Powerboats can be provided at an extra charge).

- Provide tents and thin sleeping mats

- Supply crockery and cutlery

- Provide BBQ, charcoal, and cooking utensils for use

- Guiding your group to the Island and back

- Assisting your group with the cleanup.

- Noukhada will provide emergency water and will refill reusable drinking bottles with water

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Adults(not catered) AED 450
Children < 10 AED 400

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