Hiltonia Beach Club

  • Sports & Active, Water Fun
  • Ages 0-16
Kidzapp Daily 8:00 to 21:00 Kidzapp Abu Dhabi, Hilton, Abu Dhabi Kidzapp

Take in the views of the Arabian Gulf at Hiltonia Beach Club, where you and your entire family can take a dip in the pools, explore the clear blue waters of the Gulf, and even unwind at the spa. The club provides a private beach, fitness center, and various watersports. The club also has a wide selection of activities for children of all ages including a covered outdoor playground, playtime at Kid's Club for children ages three and up and much more.

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--Weekday-- AED 440
Adult AED 220
After 3 FREE
Kids (5-15)+Nanny
After 3
Kids (5-15) +Nanny

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