The Empty Quarter Rovers

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Looking for an Arabian Desert adventure, mixed in with an authentic experience of immersing yourself in the rich history, incredible locals, and the spectacular dunes of the Abu Dhabi Emirate? Then The Empty Quarter Rovers are just your guides. They provide you and the family with a spectacular experience in al Liwa desert. They offer bus tours to ancient Arab forts, hiking days, desert safaris and self-drive adventures with your own 4×4.

-About Al Liwa-
Hiding behind the giant sand dunes of the Arruba Al Khali (The Empty Quarter), Liwa is home to a beautiful chain of scattered oases containing many thousands of date palms, stretching an incredible 138 kms from Arada to Hameem. The Liwa Crescent is steeped in history and is home to a number of ancient forts built by the Bedouin centuries ago; indeed, the royal family of Abu Dhabi, the Al Nahyan tribe, used to rule the country from Al Maria, a settlement in Liwa, before migrating to the coast in the 1760s.


- Base Camp Event: Sunset adventure or overnight stay. Includes Camel Riding, Camel Milking, Hiking, Sand Boarding, Private Majilis, Bonfire, BBQ Dinner. And breakfast is included in the overnight stay option.

- Empty Quarter Exhibition: Enjoy the thrill of driving your own 4×4 through desert dunes on this exciting adventure in The Empty Quarter! Includes Guided Offroad Tour, Forts Tour, Snacks, BBQ Dinner, Snacks, Overnight Camping, Bonfire, Breakfast, Tel Moreeb Tour, Traditional Bedouin Lunch, Local Farm Tour, Camel Riding, Camel Milking

-Liwa On-road Adventure and Overnight Camping: This tour is suitable for non 4x4 cars and is less packed that other adventure tours. Includes Guided Liwa Tour, Forts Tour, Snacks, BBQ Dinner, Overnight Camping, Bonfire, Breakfast, Tel Moreeb Tour, Traditional Bedouin Lunch, Local Farm Tour

-Tailor-madeTour: Design your own desert experience. Choose an available date and build the tour that best fits your adventure tastes.


The Empty Quarter Rovers - Prices and Offers

Base Camp-Sunset Per Person

AED 250

Base Camp-Overnight per person

AED 300

Empty Quarter Expedition 2 adults

AED 1,200

Liwa Adventure Child under 12y

AED 225

Empty Quarter Expedition Child under 12y

AED 300

Liwa Adventure 2 Adults

AED 900

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