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Enjoy a one-of-a-kind family day at OCR Park, an endurance and challenge-based obstacle course race park for both adults and little ones! Click MORE to know more about the park, memberships and birthday packages!


OCR Park offers an exceptional outdoor obstacle course facility on Hudayriyat Island in Abu Dhabi. By merging obstacle course racing with fitness, the park has created a new and exciting form of sport, welcoming all levels of athletes. OCR Park is your new go-to workout routine whether you are a first-time obstacle course racer or a dedicated competitor.

The park includes both an adult and kids’ course, so there is family fun for everyone to experience.


- Two obstacle courses
- 8 Obstacles on adults' course
- 6 Obstacles on kids' course
- Dedicated functional training area
- Change rooms with showers for male and female
- Private bathrooms
- Flood light for night activities
- Shaded pergola area
- Outdoor training rigs
- Dedicated OCR Classes
- Free lockers
- Free Wi-fi


Host an action filled birthday party for your special birthday kiddo that is enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. Let them have a memorable day full of climbing, crawling, swinging and much more.

*Birthday Package Inclusions*
- Rental of space and access to the park for the day
- Dedicated course leader/expert to guide participants through the activities
- Demonstration and assistance on the obstacles
- Additional birthday games/party tricks
- Music

*Birthday Package Add-ons*
- Decorations including balloons and banners
- Catering
- Photography/Videography


1) 1-Month Membership
- Full Access to Obstacle Course
- Full Access to Classes
- Free Parking
- Changing Rooms

2) 3-Months Membership
- Full Access to Obstacle course
- Full Access to Classes
- Free Parking
- Changing Room Facilities
- 1x Free PT Session
- 1x Guest Pass Each Month

3) 6-Months Membership
- Full Access to Obstacle Course
- Full Access to Classes
- Free Parking
- Changing Rooms
- 2x Free PT Session
- 1x Guest Pass Each Month
- OCR Park Swag

4) 12-Months Membership
- Full Access to Obstacle Course
- Full Access to Classes
- Free Parking
- Changing Rooms
- 4x Free PT Session
- 1x Guest Pass Each Month
- OCR Park Swag


1) Up and Over
This is the first obstacle on the kids’ course. It is a high, triangle shaped frame made out of cargo net and straps. As the name suggests, you’re going to go up and over the cargo nets and climb down quickly. Make sure you hold on tight when climbing over and down.

2) 5 Feet to Freedom
This is a flat, 5 feet tall wooden wall, on which you have to climb over and descend on the other side. Take care when climbing and coming down from the wall.

3) The Sergeant
The third one is a set of swings you have to cross to get to the other side – enjoy the ride! Step on to the first swing and stand carefully, hold on tight to the ropes on the sides, and then swing across on to the next swings. Do this carefully and step-by-step while controlling your balance because you’re not allowed to fall or touch the floor. If you fall, get back up and start from the first swing again!

4) Mini Instructor
This is a smaller version of our Adults’ Drill Instructor obstacle. Can you reach the top of this inclined slope? Run forwards as fast as you can and go up, up, up! Watch your feet and don’t slip. Celebrate your victorious run when you reach the top, and then climb down from the railings.

5) I See The Light
This obstacle is a tunnel made out of ropes that you have to crawl through to get to the other side. Keep your grip steady on the hard ropes, hold on to the sides and keep moving forwards confidently until you see the light. Conquer your fears!

6) Rambo
This one’s exciting – Tarzan style. This obstacle is literally a strong net that you have to swing on. Hold the ropes, swing towards the net – climb up and over to the other side, and then climb down. There’s a whole lot of swinging involved so you’ll really enjoy and challenge yourself.

7) Escape Path
This is the same obstacle as Up and Over – but only from the opposite side. Climb over the wooden wall in front of you. Be careful while climbing and descending down the other side. And there you have it, you’ve completed the kids course! Fancy going on it again? Yeah, you do!


1) 10 Feet to Freedom
The very first obstacle in your way to freedom – can you conquer it? This is a 10 feet tall flat wooden wall. Climb over this tall wall – muscle over or get a boost from your team. Take care when climbing over and descending on the other side.

2) Outranked
This is the second obstacle – which is a high, angled ramp situated at a 45-degree incline on which you race up and climb the slope. We encourage you to just run straight up the ramp as fast as you can without any help. However, you may use the accompanying ropes if you need to.

3) Drop and Roll
On to the third obstacle – straight out of military training programs. You’ve seen it happen in the army – stop, drop and roll recruit. This is lots of low-lying barbed wire over a trail of soft sand. Be prepared to crawl on the sand quickly, under the barbed wire, and then come out like a champion. This obstacle demands excellent core strength, stamina and hip mobility.

4) Behind Enemy Lines
The fourth obstacle is a mixture of climbing bars and swinging from barrels onto monkey bars. This demands you to climb up 10 feet on a metal ladder and when you reach the top, jump up and grab the rings on the first barrel, which will itself roll forwards. Keep swinging forward towards the next set of rings on the next barrel. Keep those sights set on the rings and maintain your momentum. Hold on tight and swing to the end towards the monkey bars, jump off and then climb down the metal ladder on the other side.

5) The Tank
Meet the highest permanent obstacle in the UAE. It is only fitting that it is named The Tank. You will reach ultimate heights in this heart stopping obstacle. Climb up and over straps and cargo nets, use all fours to climb all the way to the top, and make sure you hold on tight. Take a second to breathe and enjoy the view from the top, and then climb down again.

6) Wrong Way Round
Now this one is unlike anything you’ve ever climbed. This is an eight-foot tall, wooden inclined wall. But here’s the catch – it’s literally placed the wrong way around! Jump up, keep your grip steady and strong. You can try muscling up to get over or work as a team to boost each other up. Then slide down the angled wall, or if want to challenge yourself, jump from the top of the wall on the ground and protect your fall.

7) Escape Path
You conquered the first 10 foot wall, but are you prepared to take it on again? This is similar to our first obstacle, the tall wooden wall. Muscle over or get a boost to climb over the wall. Use your upper body strength whilst climbing and take care whilst descending on the other side.

8) Drill Instructor
Our final obstacle on the adult’s course. Are you ready to defy gravity again? This is an angled slope, at a much higher incline, so you have to run hard and as fast as you can and leap to the top. If you need some help, grab the attached ropes to reach the top, and then climb down using the metal rods.


OCR Park - Prices and Offers

1) Weekday Pass

Kids Weekday Pass Per child

AED 50 AED 42.5

Adult Weekday Pass Per adult

AED 100 AED 85
2) Weekend Pass

Kids Weekend Pass Per child

AED 75 AED 63.75

Adult Weekend Pass Per adult

AED 150 AED 127.5
3) Kids Membership

3 Months Membership Per child

AED 573 AED 487.05

6 Months Membership Per child

AED 996 AED 846.6

12 Months Membership Per child

AED 1,488 AED 1,264.8

1 Month Membership Per child

AED 214 AED 181.9
4) Adults Membership

1 Month Membership Per adult

AED 429 AED 364.65

3 Months Membership Per adult

AED 1,149 AED 976.65

6 Months Membership Per adult

AED 1,999 AED 1,699.15

12 Months Membership Per adult

AED 2,988 AED 2,539.8
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