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Bring your kids to DARE, the ultimate indoor adventure park. Step inside this awesome 1855 sq ft indoor adventure park where you can run, play, jump and explore. You will also have cool footage to show-off on your social media! Click MORE for a sneak peak inside!

*Children under the age of 12 should have a parent or guardian present in the venue during the entire playtime.


Witness the evolution of activity-based indoor adventure parks. DARE transforms the traditional indoor entertainment creating a unique gamified experience. From gamified climbing walls and interactive assault courses to air mat football fields and the super keeper simulation game - some of the world‘s best-loved adventures and activities are getting a cool gamification twist at DARE!

Every DARE facility is equipped with interactive technology-based elements, the app and website creates a community, whereby customers can log in, and compare their scores and achievements to their peers, thus making the whole experience much more exciting and competitive.

Attractions at DARE incorporate unique sensor-based RFID wristbands, that allow customers to constantly keep track of their personal records and sync them to their own unique profiles all in real-time. Pictures and videos will be captured when the RFID wristband triggers the sensors to do so which will then be directly uploaded to the app for an unforgettable experience.


1. Tarzan Challenge
Hang in there with the gravity-defying obstacles on the DARE rope course. Expect 4-6 photo opportunities within the attraction via swipable timed RFID sensors.

At the end of the game all the photos will be automatically compiled into a video (with cool effects) and sent to the user's profile light & sounds effects will be triggered with the RFID sensors inside to help the photos taken look good

2. Gravity Arena
This is DARE's main open-jump arena. A world full of trampolines, obstacles to jump on and off from and anything bouncy that you can think of. 20 interconnected trampolines to enjoy. Start by learning the basics or show off your acrobatic skills if you are a pro already!

With 4 corners in this arena, there shall be 1 RFID sensor that triggers a countdown to indicate when the cameras situated in all 4 corners that will start recording the videos.

3. Air Time
Jump in matrix style and land safely on both your feet on the Olympic style trampolines at DARE. Become the master of different tricks and perform flips like never before!

Upon jumping on the trampoline the RFID sensors will be activated followed by a countdown. A series of 17 cameras will start capturing your moves just like a movie clip.

4. Xtreme Arena
A -2level play area with multiple RFID sensors - while at this arena players have to think fast which way to go through and tap the maximum sensors across the 200 Sq m zone The sensors trigger light and sounds effects that make the experience even more exciting.

More than 22 obstacles that will have more than 30 RFID sensors to make the game more interactive and fun for the players.

5. Hero Keeper
Challenge your soccer skills and precision while the robotic goal keeper will be the ultimate goal keeper. Will you still be able to hit a goal past the robot?

Motion sensors will used to recognize when the goal has been scored, as well as trigger some clapping sounds effects.

6. Battle Tower
This is a game of speed, flexibility & endurance! Climb to the top of the tower, overcoming obstacles that come your way and be the fastest one to do it!

This is a 2 lane climbing tower that will have RFID activation, timer (start and stop system with leaderboard) and special effects.

7. Fun Net Maze
It is a race against time. Be your own competition and beat your own time!. Go through the various obstacles in this net maze and finish it as soon as possible. Each tapped box generates a score.
Finishing within a certain time can add score as well. When finishing, the total score and time is calculated.

8. Mini Gravity Arena
Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun. We have our Kids Arena tailored for the little ones that DARE to do it - whether it is jumping in the foam pit or enjoying the trampolines the Mini Gravity Arena has it all.

There will be 2 cameras installed to cover different angles, wherein at least 1 of these cameras will focus on the foam pit and the other on the trampoline area From the TV that immediately replays their videos, the players can choose which recording they like best to keep for themselves.

9. Tactical Warrior Wall
A Horizontal climbing wall that will test your upper body energy. Worried about falling down? Not a problem, you will fall right into the foam pit under it where kids can also jump into.

Children will have a blast climbing on it using the color-coordinated hand holds and when they are ready for a break, they simply just have to jump down into the soft foam pit.

10. Super Ninja Course
Get competitive with the Super Ninja Course. Compete with your friend and find out who has the best moves in the obstacle course. The 10 sensors in this attraction will be triggered by a countdown after which it is GO TIME!

The first person to finish the obstacle course or the last man standing will be the winner! The very last sensor will calculate the points and the player will also get really cool photos and videos of theirs through the RFID censored cameras.

11. Hover Football
A unique experience that multiplies the fun for the football fans. Hover football zone provides that extra bounce for the players to perform their tricks and activities and helps them score more goals!

An RFID sensor will trigger a video recording of the players. Sound effects with a crowd clapping to be triggered once the player scores a goal.


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