Birthdays @ Kidz Factory

  • Birthdays, Art, Music & Dance
  • Ages 1-16
Kidzapp Sat-Wed 10:00 to 22:00, Thu-Fri until 00:00 Kidzapp Abu Dhabi, Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi Kidzapp

Zumba, the zappy Zebra, cannot wait to celebrate your little one's birthday with a set of fun and creative art activities that will leave every single one of your guests excited and entertained. Whether you host your birthday the Zumba's venue or have the party come to you, this will surely be a colorful day to remember.

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Worker AED 65 (1 hr)
Amazing Tot Worker AED 75(1.5hrs)
For Ages 4 years + : AED 95 (1.5 hr)
Super Factory AED 95(1.5hrs)
Amazing Factory AED 125 (2 hrs)
Awesome Factory AED 135(2.5hrs)
Fantastic Factory AED 195
VIP Factory Worker AED 245
VIP Active Worker

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