Classes with The Bright Minds Institute

  • Baby & Toddler
  • Ages 0-3
Kidzapp Mon 10:00 to 17:15, Click View Schedule for details Kidzapp Al Wahda Mall, Ground Floor, Abu Dhabi Kidzapp

Bright Minds is an accelerated learning class that stimulates your child's Left and Right Brain. It's unique in that the majority of the 45-minute class is spent focusing on Right Brain development which strengthens a child's ability to make decisions, retain information and builds confidence.

This class is very interactive, fast-paced, visually stimulating and lots of FUN!

-- Class Schedule --
10:00 -- 1-2 years
11:00 -- 6-12 months
12:00 -- 2-3 years
15:30 -- 2-3 years
16:30 -- 1-2 years

(Limited number of children per class)

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Multiple Classes AED 136.50/class
Trial Class AED 136.50/class
Drop-in Class AED 157.50/class

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