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Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer With Kidzapp TV – Summer Pass

June 23, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Kids Activities

Faced with realities of home schooling followed by scrapped or delayed and uncertain summer travel plans, we parents have had to become quite resourceful in order to keep our kids educated and entertained while at home. And with a long summer ahead, your barrel of ideas may be running empty. The good news is that we're here to help!

Kidzapp TV Summer Pass is an online summer activities camp where each session offers more of an in-depth private feel, live on the Zoom platform. Your family can freely choose which classes are of interest and join when it's convenient for you.

For a flexible fee, you can have access to the daily schedule and attend up to 120 online classes per month throughout July and August.

Kidzapp TV Summer Pass is a great way for your kids to learn new skills and try out very different and varied activities in bite size chunks and find their passion. It can even be considered the good kind of screen time.

Check out some of the providers below who will be engaging your kids this summer:

Magic Phil

What better way to keep your children entertained than by having them learn some magic? Magic Phil will use his well-known humour to make your kids laugh while teaching them some of his magic tips and tricks. A great way for kids to have fun and expand their imagination. They will love presenting what they learn to their friends and family!


Your boys and girls will be able to explore a variety of unique and innovative classes including arts and crafts, crochet, stomp, mime, first aid, dance, puppetry, and circus tricks with multi-educational and activities provider, Synkers. Fun sessions to get your kids interested in something off the beaten path.

Amazing Athletes

It’s important to keep your little ones moving, especially at a time where they may not be able to go outside as much. Amazing Athletes use sports-related movement classes that keep your kids exercising and working on their motor skills. These classes target your child’s health on all levels including physical, social, and mental. They will be able to have fun and build confidence while improving their flexibility, speed, agility, and overall strength.

Rockit Science

We all know that sometimes certain subjects can be boring for children, especially if there is no participation involved. Rock It Science has developed an innovative way to bring the fun back to learning all about science. There is nothing like seeing the sparkle in your child’s eyes as they learn something new and put the pieces together for themselves. Your children will be learning from qualified science teachers who use skill-based activities to engage and teach. They will learn to question the world around them as well as develop skills to reach conclusions and find answers.

Nour In The Kitchen

Help your kids learn how to cook with Nour in the Kitchen. This is an interactive cooking and baking class where young chefs can try out different recipes and gain valuable culinary skills. A fun hands-on activity for the whole family to participate in! Start them off at a young age so they can develop a healthy relationship with food, know how to cook, and nourish their bodies.

ESA Champions

Imagine being able to learn martial arts from world-renowned coaches that are champions in their craft. That is exactly what ESA Champions is offering your kids. The coaches care deeply about teaching children martial arts and they use their experiences to pass on everything they know. Your kids will learn how to use their power and control it in many different ways. Martial arts are a great way to build self-confidence in both the body and the mind.


Math can be a tricky subject for some but Mathnasium’s qualified tutors are here to give your boys and girls their full attention to keep them engaged and teach math in a fun way. Their sessions will help to give your kids the chance to improve their math skills and work on getting the head start in Math they deserve.


Join Melodica as they welcome your kids to learn the basics of ballet. Ballet makes us understand our body better, teaches flexibility, poise and grace, builds strong lean muscles, gives us a good grounding technique and teaches us to better appreciate rhythm and music.

Reading Dogs

Everyone enjoys a good book reading session - but everyone will LOVE being a part of this one as Reading Dogs and one of their furry friends sits down to dive into a good book with your littles.

Alexandra Fitness

Tune in with whole family for a full body workout with Alexandra. Your kids will love moving their bodies to get some of their built-up energy flowing. They will also be inspired to keep exercising when they notice how much stronger they feel after each session. Focusing on fitness from a young age helps children build healthy habits that they can continue to build on throughout their lives. 

-- Get your Kidzapp TV Summer Pass now! - Prices start from AED 149

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