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Great Afterschool Activities To Sign Your Kids Up For This Term

With summer coming to an end, the dilemma of how to keep kiddos busy after school will begin. But worry not because there are plenty of great afterschool activities available, and we've compiled them all for you! The list includes a variety of activities, from skating to coding and even public speaking, so there is something for everyone.

Master the art of public speaking

Are you looking for a way to keep the kiddos busy while also teaching them essential life skills? Well then sign them up for the Public Speaking Course at Future Skill Dubai, where they can build and nurture their self-esteem and social competence.  

The course, available for youth aged 7 to 12 years and teens aged 13 to 17, is designed to direct your kiddos on how to communicate confidently, clearly, and correctly. The program will teach them essential life skills needed to interact with people and leave a valuable impact!

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You can also build and nurture your child's self-esteem and social competence with Future Skill Dubai's Youth and Teen Etiquette classes.

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Future Skill Dubai - Al Joud Centre - Al Quoz - Dubai
Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 15:00 to 19:00, Sat 10:00 to 18:00
Public Speaking Course
Youth (7-12yrs) : AED 1305
Teen (13-17yrs) : AED 1485
Trial Class
Youth Public Speaking (7-12yrs) : AED 279
Teen Public Speaking (13-17yrs) : AED 315

Unleash your swimming talents

Sign up your kids for swimming sessions at the Little Champions Swimming Academy and watch them master those crucial skills from a young age! 

They offer swimming sessions for all ages and all levels - both beginner and advanced - so this is the perfect activity to keep your kiddos active and unleash their energy after school!

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Al Mushrif Park, Mushrif, Dubai, UAE
Working Hours:
Mon-Thu 9:00 to 21:00, Fri-Sun until 13:00
Warrior Package
1 Child : AED 600
Champion Package
1 Child : AED 675
Individual Membership : AED 585

Sign up for gymnastics classes

If your kiddos love to cartwheel all over the place and are interested in gymnastics, then sign them up for GymnastEx classes. 

GymnastEx offers your kiddos programs in Baby Gymnastics all the way up to Competitive Gymnastics. Their skilled coaches are dedicated to help your little gymnasts advance to their ideal level of performance. They believe that gymnastics is not only sports but also a way to support and develop discipline. For this reason, starting gymnastics at an early age is recommended as it encourages basics which are vital to build your child's self-confidence and self-control, thus helping them become independent.

Book through Kidzapp and take advantage of the Buy 10 Classes and Pay for 8 or Buy 12 Classes and Pay for 10 offer! The offer is available at all GymnastEx branches which include: Dubai Al Salam Community School, Al Salam Private School, Jumeirah Baccalaureate School, Arcadia School and Manthena American School in Sharjah

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Arcadia School, Jumeirah Village Triangle
Working Hours:
Various timings (see details in description)
Get 10 Classes Pay for 8
Per child (10x 1 Hour Classes) : AED 720
Per child (10x 2 Hour Classes) : AED 1200
Get 12 Classes Pay for 10
Per child (10x 1 Hour Classes) : AED 880
Per child (10x 2 Hour Classes) : AED 1470

Enhance your little artists' skills

Unleash your little ones' hidden artistic talents and creative capabilities and sign them up for Mind Marvel's marvelous art courses and workshops! 

There are various activities to choose from depending on your kiddo's interest like an Art Workshop (4-12yrs), Drawing Course (7-16yrs) and Acrylic Painting Course (7-16yrs) where Mind Marvel's talented staff works extremely hard to help cultivate the creativity and quench the curiosity in all of students. 

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608, Control Tower, Motor City, Dubai
Working Hours:
Tue-Sun 10:00 to 19:00, Mon CLOSED
Acrylic Painting Course (12 hours)
Introduction : AED 855
Landscape (Level i,ii) : AED 1080
Still Life (Level i, ii) : AED 1080
Portrait (Level i, ii) : AED 1170
Art Workshops (Ages 4-10yrs)
1 Hour : AED 67.5
90mins : AED 90
Drawing Course (12 hours)
Basics : AED 765
Landscape (Level i,ii) : AED 882
Still Life (Level i,ii) : AED 882
Anatomy of Portrait (Level i,ii) : AED 882
Portrait (Level i,ii) : AED 882

Learn basic boxing

Let your kiddos unleash their inner Mohamed Ali and sign them up for fitness and boxing training sessions at Fit Boys Gym!

The sessions will allow them to learn basic boxing skills and techniques, while gaining the necessary tools to excel at other sports. Your kiddos will become more focused, more confident and learn respect, discipline, control and self-defence during their journey of becoming more physically fit. 

Sessions include 1 hour training, split into 30 mins strength and conditioning (fitness training), and 30 mins techniques of boxing. 

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Blog Experience Image
Fit Boys Gym, Dubai Marina, Marina Walk
Working Hours:
Sat/Tue/Thu 17:00 to 18:00
1 Day : AED 80
1 Month : AED 640
3 Months : AED 1680

Fun gym for your entire family

Jungle Gymsters is an awesome Family Fitness Center that caters to all needs of your family! 

They offer a Fit n Play area, gym, karate, gymnastics, dance, Zumba and much more. Your kiddos will be able to learn, exercise and have fun all at the same time, and you can even join in on the fun with their adult activities! 

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Jungle Gymsters, The Mall, Jumeriah, Dubai, UAE
Working Hours:
Sun-Thu 9:00 to 22:00, Fri-Sat until 00:00
5 Classes : AED 620
10 Classes : AED 1120
20 Classes : AED 2150
1 FREE Trial Class : FREE
Zumba + Sibling Class : AED 180
Zumba + 1 Class : AED 180
2 Hours of Play : AED 60
1 Hour of Play for 2 Children : AED 60
1 Child : AED 70

Teach your kiddos coding

Ensure that your kiddos are well equipped for the ever-changing and technology-filled world and sign them up for a fun Coding Course by Abiliti. 

Your kiddos will be taught by teachers with over 30 years of educational experience and will learn a number of programs including the c# programming language, Java programming language, Scratch and Python. All these programs will enable them to create their own virtual environments and digital world! 

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Blog Experience Image
Knowledge Quotient, Knowledge Park
Working Hours:
Fridays (timing info in description)
Per Month
1 Child : AED 400
Per Term
1 Child : AED 2225
Per Year
1 Child : AED 4000

Enhance your basketball skills

If your kiddos have a passion for the basketball court then sign them up for JAM Sports Basketball Academy and watch them become the next basketball superstars!

Witness their skills get elevated to the highest standards as they develop their basketball skills both on and off court with training sessions that include work in various areas of this popular sport, like shooting, ball handling, footwork and more. 

Blog Experience Image
AFLEC School - Al Nasr Club, Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE
Working Hours:
Fri-Sat 9:30 to 20:00
1 Month Package
2 Sessions/Week : AED 787.5
3 Sessions/Week : AED 997.5
3 Months Package
2 Sessions/Week : AED 2126.25
3 Sessions/Week : AED 2693.25

Private or group swimming classes

Wether your kiddo is just learning how to swim, or if they're looking for competitive training, the swimming programs at Revolution Swimming Academy have got you covered!

The Academy offers three types of courses: Learn to Swim group sessions, private lessons and Competitive Training, so there is something for kiddos of all different abilities. 

Book through Kidzapp and get 3 swimming classes and 1 horse riding class for FREE with any package! Offer is also available at Barsha and Newlands School locations. 

Blog Experience Image
Liberty House, DIFC
Working Hours:
Mon/Wed/Fri 16:00 to 21:00, Sat-Sun 15:00 to 19:00
Group Training
6 Classes : AED 439
10 Classes : AED 549
12 Classes : AED 659
One-time Registration Fee : AED 50
Private Training
10 Classes : AED 1725
12 Classes : AED 2069
One-time Registration Fee : AED 50
1 Month : AED 2100

Art classes for the entire family

If you're looking for an afterschool activity that you can join in on, then this one is for you. 

Titch's Attic offers fun and interactive art skills classes that can be booked as a family group! The classes are for all ages and levels and cover all kinds of art mediums and types. 

So go ahead and express yourselves through art, and get 15% OFF with Kidzapp! 

Blog Experience Image
Damac Hills 2, Community Mall, Dubai
Working Hours:
Mon 15:00 to 20:00, Tue-Sat from 11:00, Sun closed
1 Class : AED 68

Learn a new language

Are you keen on getting your kiddo to learn a new language? Are your kiddos fascinated by new unique Languages? Pomegranate Institute is your answer! 

Their native speaking instructors are here to help your kiddo master a new language, whether it is German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, English, Turkish, Russian or even Sign language. Their classes are creative and interactive, employing the communicative method of teaching, hence your kiddos will never get bored.

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Blog Experience Image
Pomegranate Institute, Al Tameen house, 10th Floor, Office: 1004, Barsha Heights, Dubai, U.A.E.
Working Hours:
Daily 09:00 to 21:00
Unique Kidz Language Class
Course (18hrs) : AED 980
Confidence Booster Classes
Private Class (1 Session) : AED 650
Group Class (1 Session) : AED 450

Enhance your Arabic language skills

Sign up your kids for Arabic classes at Beit Arabi and watch them gain confidence with this beautiful language! Beit Arabi is a centre for teaching Arabic language in an interactive way. It aims to encourage kids to play, speak, entertain, and read stories in Arabic. 

An evaluation is conducted to determine students' level in all Arabic skills, after which a suitable learning plan is developed for each student. Their curriculum is based on reading stories, interactive games, songs, and sensory ways. So it's an ideal fun way to teach or enhance your kiddo's Arabic language skills! 

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Blog Experience Image
Airport Road, Select Supermarket Building , M01, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Working Hours:
Sun-Fri 10:00 to 19:00
Kids' Arabic Classes
Private (10 hours) : AED 2025
Semi-Private (10 hours) : AED 1350
Group (10 hours) : AED 990
Non-Arabic Speakers (Adults) Classes
Private (20 hours) : AED 3600
Semi-Private (20 hours) : AED 2700
Group (30 hours) : AED 1800

Learn how to ice skate

Sign up your kiddos for skating classes at Emirates Skating Club and let them master this beautiful and unique skill. 

The Club offers a wide variety of professional classes that cater to all levels, from beginner to elite! The training is offered on-ice and off-ice, both of which complement each other to ensure complete skating development.                        

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Blog Experience Image
Abu Dhabi Ice Rink, Zayed Sport City, Abu Dhabi
Working Hours:
Mon-Thu 10:30 to 15:30
Summer Skating Special Package (General) - Jul 4 to Aug 25
Weekly : AED 800
2 Weeks : AED 1400
3 Weeks : AED 2100
4 Weeks : AED 2900
Non-ESC member additional fee : AED 640
1-Year Membership (4-17y)
1 Child : AED 5500
1-Year Membership (18y+)
1 Adult : AED 2800
Summer Skating Special Package (Advanced) - Jul 4 to Aug 25
Daily : AED 300
Weekly : AED 1200
2 Weeks : AED 2000
3 Weeks : AED 3000
4 Weeks : AED 4000
Non-ESC member additional fee : AED 640

Sign up for gymnastics classes

Sign up your boys and girls for Gymnastics classes at Prosportsuae, where classes are offered from beginner level to advanced. 

Gymnastics is a fun activity that is the foundation for all sports and physical activities. It teaches children how to move, roll, jump, cart wheel, headstand and much more. It provides a great foundation for general fitness, coordination, agility, strength, balance and speed.

Book through Kidzapp and save on class packages and trail class. Offers are also available at Dubai Karama, Ajman Academy and Sharjah English School locations. 

Blog Experience Image
Marbella Resort, Al Majaz
Working Hours:
Sun/Wed 17:00 to 19:00, Sat 13:00 to 15:00
1 Trial Class : AED 40
4 Classes : AED 250
8 Classes : AED 440
12 Classes : AED 520