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Gift ideas for birthdays

December 10, 2018 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Arts & Crafts
If your kid is a little socialite, you must be constantly looking for birthday gift ideas through the year. Having said that, every child is unique and the best gifts are dependent on their nature and temperament. To give you some inspiration, here's an age-wise gifting guide that should (hopefully) help you navigate the next course of parties.

0-2 years: For the first 3-6 months of their lives, their vision is still blurry. Also, some might start teething as early as 5 months. Hence, babies under 1 would fancy bright colored rattles, soft toys, teethers, floor gyms and fabric balls. Somewhere between their 1st & 2nd birthday when they are comfortable sitting up but still shaky on their feet, you can move on to stacking toys, push or pull-up toys, hammering sets, wooden puzzles with limited pieces and their first set of wheels. Also, while they're still too young to learn ABC's (or maybe not), they tend to love interactive speaking toys at this stage.

3-5 years: Technically known as the 'preschoolers', this age-group is more mobile, independent and see a tremendous burst in learning ability. Little girls start enjoying pretend play around this time so showering them with dolls, stuffed animals, dress-up clothes, accessories and kitchen sets would be a good idea. Boys, on the other hand are typically into balls, cars and musical instruments while moving on to construction toys and puzzles of greater complexity as they age. Art easels, Lego, puzzles and simple board games are generally suited to both genders.

6-8 years: By this time, most kids have a mind of their own. Their interests are specific which makes gifting easier, provided they don’t already have everything in the first place. Top toys for girls and boys are board games that include strategy (Junior Monopoly, Chess, Guess Who), computer and video games, science kits, crafting kits and sports equipments. Other unique ideas include a personalized jersey, a personalized journal, sewing kits for girls and Polaroid cameras for them both.

Tweens: These 9-12 year olds are neither juvenile nor all grown-up, yet love to open presents! Think Bluetooth speakers, headphones, electronic gizmos and gadgets, personalized passport holders, adult Lego, Pokémon cards, necklaces, bracelets and jewelry boxes for girls, funky socks (why not!) and age-appropriate books.

Teens: Exit happy, enter moody; what do teenagers like anyway? If you have a teen boy to buy for, consider clothing, sneakers, backpacks, caps, glares, watches and a Fitbit tracker, perhaps. Gifts for girls though, are as varied as the teen itself. Jewelry, clutches and totes for the fashionista; diaries, journals and books for the intellectual and fresh perfumes, scented candles and quirky room décor for the artist should cut it; more or less.

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4 Fun Colour Experiments With The Sandbox Girls
June 24, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Arts & Crafts

If you're looking for a fun and easy project to do at home, Kidz Blog, together with Razan and Celine of the arts and crafts blog, The Sandbox Girls, have four exciting experiments involving colours for you to try out! Excited to play around with colours? Let's check them out!

1. Colour Rainbow

What You'll Need

  • M&Ms
  • White Plate
  • Water


1. Place Smarties or M&Ms around the edge of a white plate and pour a little bit of water in the middle.

2. Wait for a while and watch what happens when the water combines with the M&Ms - the colours dissolve to make a rainbow!

2. Colour Explosion

What You'll Need

  • Milk
  • A flat plate
  • Food colouring
  • Fabric softener
  • Cotton bud


1. Pour some milk in the plate and add drops of food colouring

2. Coat a cotton bud in some fabric cleaner and dip it in the middle of the plate to see what happens!

3. Lemon Fizz

What You'll Need

  • Lemon
  • Food colouring
  • Fabric softener
  • Baking soda


1. Cut a lemon in half and pour some food colouring and fabric cleaner on top of the lemon

2. Add a few teaspoons of baking soda and watch as the colours fizz!

4. Colour Train

What You'll Need

  • 4 glasses
  • Water
  • Food colouring in 4 colours: red, blue, green and yellow
  • Napkins


1. Prepare 4 cups of water and add the food colouring in each cup: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Place the cups next to each other in a straight row.

2. Fold some napkins into strips and dip each side of the napkin into a cup.

3. Watch what happens as the napkins absorb the water!


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10 Awesome Father’s Day Cards Your Kids Can Make
June 15, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Arts & Crafts

Parents have been real superheroes during this entire period of time so they’ve earned themselves a pat on the back. But on Sunday, June 21st, we’re specifically expressing our gratitude and love to all the incredible dads out there on Father’s Day - and here are 10 awesome Father's Day cards that your kids can easily make at home!

1. Monster Handprint Father's Day Card

Your little monsters will have a fun time making this super cute handprint card for their dad! --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Coloured card stock Googly eyes Pom poms Black marker Glue --STEP 1-- Fold your cardstock in half --STEP 2-- Trace your child's handprint with the wrist portion over your folded cardstock --STEP 3-- Cut out the handprint and be sure to round the top part of the card when cutting out --STEP 4-- Once you have your handprint cut out, place your googley eyes on the card. Use the marker to draw on a mouth and add teeth by cutting small white triangles out of paper. --STEP 5-- Write your message inside

2. DIY Best Dad Award Ribbon

Image: easypeasyandfun.comCute little craft that you can make with your littles for their number 1 dad! --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- 2 sheets of red paper (or any other colour) Yellow paper Black marker Scissors Glue --STEP 1-- Start by folding a sheet of paper in half (along the longer side) This way the center will be marked. Now cut along the middle to get two long strips of paper. --STEP 2-- Start folding the sheet of paper (the strip) making accordion folds all the way till the end. Do the same with the other strip of paper. --STEP 3-- Push the “accordion” together (close it). Fold it in half. Glue together on one side. This will make the paper look like a fan. --STEP 4-- At the bottom of the fan, the last two or three accordion folds will still be able to be stretched out. We don’t want that, so apply a small amount of glue at the centre to glue them together. Repeat these steps with the other strip of paper. --STEP 5-- Now you have two fans and you need to glue them together. Hold them together for a while for the glue to set. --STEP 6-- Cut a circle out of yellow paper. It needs to be smaller than the award ribbon rosette. Write what the award is for e.g. “Best Dad Award”. --STEP 7-- Add glue at the back of the yellow circle and press it on to the rosette. Allow the glue to set. --STEP 8-- Cut two ribbons out of red paper. Glue them on the back of the award ribbon rosette.

3. Bow Tie Pasta Father's Day Card

Image: kentheartstrings.comUse some of your cupboard pasta for something really nice for dad! --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Bow tie (farfalle) pasta Cardboard or thick cardstock Acrylic paint Paintbrush Glue gun Black marker --STEP 1-- Dip the entire bow tie pasta into paint. Wait for it to dry and then decorate it with a paintbrush. --STEP 2-- Secure the finished bow ties onto your cardboard with a glue gun. --STEP 3-- Write your message with the black marker.

4. Hands Down Best Dad Ever Father's Day Card

Image: catchmyparty.comA cute and messy way to create a fun card for dad this year! --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- White paper (or cardstock) Acrylic paint Paintbrush Black marker --STEP 1-- Place your paper on the table --STEP 2-- Dip the brush into your chosen colour paint and paint both of your child's palms. --STEP 3-- Let your child press their painted palms onto the center of the paper. --STEP 4-- With the black marker, write "HANDS DOWN" above the handprint and "BEST DAD EVER" below. --STEP 5-- Let the paint dry. You can even frame your child's artwork if you like.

5. Father Bobble Head Card

Image: thepinterestedparent.comImpress dad this year with a special project that the kids can make. This Father’s Day bobblehead is both cute and silly and is sure to create some smiles and maybe bring out a few giggles too. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Paper cup Construction paper Acrylic paint Markers Picture of dad Pipe cleaner Low Temp glue gun White glue Tape Toothpick or wooden skewer --STEP 1-- Paint a paper cup in the colour of your choice. The cup will be dad’s pants. --STEP 2-- Let the paint dry and then use a skewer or toothpick to poke a hole in the center of the cup. Adults may have to do this step to avoid injury. --STEP 3-- Curl a pipe cleaner around your finger. Keep each end of the pipe cleaner straight. --STEP 4-- Stick one end of the pipe cleaner into the hole in the cup. Curl the pipe cleaner end into a ball on the inside of the cup. Squeeze a generous amount of hot glue into the bottom of the cup around the balled up pipe cleaner. Set the cup aside to dry. --STEP 5-- Find a photo or print out a photo of dad where he is looking at the camera and some neck is showing. The head should be about the size of the small end of the cup. Cut around the head and neck and leave a little of the body so that you have a little extra surface to glue to. Put a piece of construction paper under the head and draw out a shirt around the head and then cut it out. --STEP 6-- Choose dad’s favourite colour or design his shirt to look like his favourite shirt. Glue the shirt under his head. Cut two hands out of a flesh toned piece of construction paper. --STEP 7-- Flip dad over and then flip the cup on its side over it. Use a piece of tape to tape the straight edge of the pipe cleaner to the back of the body and head. --STEP 8-- Cut an upside down “V”-shape out of the bottom of the cup. --STEP 9-- Cut two long oval shapes out of the construction paper colour of your choice. These will be for the shoes. Fold one end on both of the shoes and put a dab of glue on the folded end. Press each shoe into the cup on the edge of the “V” and then fold the shoe so that it is flat with the cup when it is set down. --STEP 10-- Once the shoes are on, dad is ready to go. Give him a gentle shake and watch him go. Bobble, bobble, bobble!

6. Tie-Shaped Bookmark

Image: buggyandbuddy.comThese homemade bookmarks are made using a tear art technique with newspaper- perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. A cute, practical Father's Day gift that can be used as an alternative card too! --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Cardstock (or poster board) Old newspaper Scissors Liquid glue Paintbrush Free Tie Template --STEP 1-- Print out the free tie template. You can print it out directly onto cardstock from your printer or use the tie shape as a tracer on your poster board. --STEP 2-- Cut out a tie shape from your cardstock. --STEP 3-- Tear up bits of newspaper. (It’s fun to grab bits from different sections of the paper like the comics, crossword puzzles, sports page etc. so you get a variety of interesting graphics and texts.) --STEP 4-- Use your paintbrush to paint liquid glue onto your cardstock tie. Place a piece of torn newspaper onto the glue. Continue doing this until your entire tie bookmark is covered with newspaper. (Don’t worry about the edges hanging over.) --STEP 5-- Paint a final layer of glue over the entire bookmark. --STEP 6-- Let your bookmark dry completely. --STEP 7-- Trim off the extra newspaper hanging over the edge. --STEP 8-- You can leave your finished bookmark just as it is or even add a greeting with black marker for dad.

7. Footprint Rocket Card

Image: thebestideasforkids.comTell your dad how much you love him; to the moon and back to be precise, with this fun foot-print craft. Perfect for Father's Day! --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Large white cardstock – you’ll want to make sure you get a paper size big enough to fit the footprint but also the wording. Also keep in mind the framing size if you want to frame it. Red cardstock Small red pom poms Light blue paint Gold glitter foam paper Gold glitter stars Black Sharpie Glue --STEP 1-- First make sure your white cardstock is big enough to fit the footprint and the rocket top and flame. --STEP 2-- Put your paint on a paper plate. Press the foot into the paint and stamp on a few pieces of paper. You may have to do a few tries before you find one that looks good. If you get a footprint you like but it’s missing a bit of paint on the inside just use a paint brush to fill in the missing areas. --STEP 3-- Cut out 3 triangles for your rocket. For the sides of the rocket, trace a triangle shape and then use that to trace a second one so it is the same size. Glue to your paper. --STEP 4-- Add your 3 small pom poms on top of your footprint. --STEP 5-- Cut out a flame for the bottom of the rocket using your glitter foam paper. You can simply draw on the back of the paper what you want it to look like and then cut it out. Also cut out your stars and glue to your paper or place glitter foam star stickers down. --STEP 6-- Write your message on your paper. Try “Love you to the moon and back” or “You’re out of this world, Dad!”

8. Father’s Day Thumbprint Craft

Image: adabofgluewilldo.comTell your dad just how much you l0ve him using letters and your little one's finger tips. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- I Love Dad letters White Construction Paper Coloured Cardstock Scissors Painters Tape Paint – you could use dad’s favourite colours --STEP 1-- Write out "I Love Dad" and cut them out. Alternatively, you can print onto white cardstock and trace the template onto coloured construction paper. --STEP 2-- Get the paint ready for the kids to use by putting it out onto a plate or something the can press their thumb onto. It also helps to get the tape ready by rolling it into pieces, ready to use to stick the letters and heart down. For this craft, they will need many small, rolled, pieces of tape. Masking tape (painters tape) works best for this. --STEP 3-- Choose a colour that you think Dad will like, and begin making thumbprints all around the edges of the letters and heart. Be sure to fill in the gaps with more thumbprints. --STEP 4-- Continue making thumbprints around each letter, and then begin making more and more away from the letters, scattering them around the page. --STEP 5-- Next, you can use another colour of paint and make more thumbprints all around the rest of the page. When you get to the corners, it helps to hold the paper down so it doesn’t lift while you make your prints. --STEP 6-- After the letters and heart are outlined with thumbprints and there are prints all around the paper, let the paint dry. After the paint dries, slowly pull up each letter and the heart to reveal your art!

9. You're The Best Pop Card

Image: iheartartsncrafts.comNothing is cuter than a fun pun, especially when you're kid is the one making them. This fun and easy craft is perfect for dad on father's day! --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- Black, White, Pink & Red Craft Foam Sheets School Glue Scissors White Poster Board or Cardstock Pencil or Marker Paint Brush Yellow Paint Cotton Balls --STEP 1-- Begin by downloading and printing the popcorn bucket template. --STEP 2-- Cut your template out. Then trace the popcorn bucket template onto the red craft foam and cut out. --STEP 3-- Glue your popcorn bucket onto white poster board or cardstock. --STEP 4-- Cut thin lines out of the white craft foam and glue onto the red popcorn bucket. --STEP 5-- Cut out a black smile and rosy pink cheeks and glue onto your popcorn bucket’s face. Don’t forget the googley eyes! --STEP 6-- Glue cotton balls onto your card above the popcorn bucket. --STEP 7-- Paint your cotton balls yellow. You’ll have to put the paint on pretty thick to coat them. Allow to dry completely. --STEP 8-- Add your message with a marker or print your words and glue onto your card.

10. My Dad Rocks Card

Image: nontoygifts.comSomething as simple as rocks can make your dad's day this father's day. --WHAT YOU'LL NEED-- White cardstock Scissors Rocks (preferably rounded ones) Markers or craft paint Glue --STEP 1-- Start by gathering your rocks and arranging them in the shape of a person. You will need eight rocks: two big round ones (one for the head and one for the body), four long and thin rocks (two for the legs and two for the arms) and two small ones for the shoes. --STEP 2-- Use markers or paint to colour the rocks --STEP 3-- Draw some Father's Day frames on white cardstock (see image) --STEP 4-- Glue the rocks onto the cardstock — Want more ideas for what to do with the kids for Father’s Day? – Get Kidzapp now!

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7 Water Play Ideas Your Kids Will Love This Summer
June 01, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Arts & Crafts, Kids Activities

It is certainly heating up outside and though we're finally allowed to visit our gorgeous beaches again for a refreshing dip, sometimes, all you want is a simple water activity you can set up at home. Check out some of our picks below and don't forget to check out the app for loads more ideas on what to get up to this summer!

1. Paint With Water


Enjoy mess-free painting that's buckets of fun for your little ones. Give them large paintbrushes or rollers and let them paint the walls, sidewalk and more, using only water! You can even use this as an opportunity to practice painting letters and numbers.


A bucket of water

--STEP 1--

Have your little one fill their paint tray with water

--STEP 2--

Go wild with your imagination and get creative on the walls, sidewalks or pavements.

2. Dino Ice Dig

If your child loves dinosaurs, this Dino Ice Dig activity is going to be a huge hit! It’s easy to set up and will have your child melting ice with salt and water to free toy dinosaurs and other treasures from a frozen block of ice. Science, water play, and fine motor development are all wrapped up in one in this fun, icy activity!


Toy dinosaurs
Stones, shells, plastic crystals (optional)
Large container
Salt (coloured with a few drops of blue food colouring)
A shaker container for the salt
Spoons, syringes, tweezers
Bowl of hot water

--STEP 1--

In a large container, freeze your ice block in layers, over the course of a couple of days, adding a few items to the water, placing the container in the freezer, and repeating with another layer when the previous one is frozen.

--STEP 2--

When your ice block is ready, pour a little hot water over the container and wait till the block slips out. Then set up a space for "digging" either out in your garden, bathtub or dining table. If setting up in your living room, cover your table with towels.

--STEP 3--

Start out by getting your kids to sprinkle some of the colourful salt all over the ice block. This kickstarts the melting process.

--STEP 4--

Use spoons or syringes to pour hot water over the ice, and get digging with your spoons.

--STEP 5--

As the ice block gets smaller and smaller, help your kids break off chunks of ice and free the different treasures.

3. Deep Blue Sea Activity Bin


Create your very own DIY sensory bin with a deep blue sea theme that your little explorers will love.


Clear bin
Sea-themed toys/accessories

--STEP 1--

Fill a clear bin with pebbles, rocks (and anything else you have) to create a shoreline.

--STEP 2--

Add in a few drops of blue food colouring and add in some marine toys like fish, scuba divers and whatever you have at home.

4. Frozen Lego Fun


In Frozen Lego your little one won't be playing with Elsa but instead with colourful ice cubes of LEGO blocks! This is a great sensory activity, perfect for a hot summer day.


LEGO or DUPLO blocks
Ice cube tray
Turkey baster, syringe, eye dropper
Toy cups, pots, spoons, bowls etc.
Warm water
Clear bin (large)

--STEP 1--

Choose an array of colourful Lego or Duplo Blocks and place them in an ice cube tray. I filled the ice trays with water and placed them in the freezer overnight.

--STEP 2--

Once the water has frozen I placed the frozen ice cubes into a bowl and placed it in a sensory bin.

--STEP 3--

Choose a few play kitchen supplies like pots and pans and cups. I also added spoons and slotted spoons, as well as some fine motor tools like eye droppers, a turkey baster, syringe. Finally, give your kid a jar of warm water to melt the frozen Lego!

5. Laundry Fun

Fine motor development and water play come together in this fun clothesline activity for toddlers and preschoolers.


Rope (cotton rope, thick yarn)
Bucket or bowl of water
Doll clothes, face cloths, clean baby socks
Small amount of soap

--STEP 1--

String your rope up between two posts or deck rails (if outdoors), or two chairs (if indoors).

--STEP 2--

Fill a large bowl or bucket with water, and add a few drops of mild dish soap or a bit of mild laundry detergent. Place the bowl or bucket on the floor covered with a towel.

--STEP 3--

Hand your kids some doll clothes, colourful face cloths or even some of their own socks and watch them wash, squeeze out water and hang the items up to dry.

6. Colour Mixing Lab


A fun and simple way to practice your kiddies' fine motor skills.


Cups and bowls of different sizes
Spoons and scoops
Eye droppers

--STEP 1--

Set up the cups and bowls on a table covered with a towel. If you've got a garden, you can even set this up outside during the cooler part of the day.

--STEP 2--

Drop food colouring to each container and stir.

--STEP 3--

Hand your kids spoons, scoops and eye droppers and watch as they play around while transferring water from bowl to cup and vice versa.

For added fun, squirt a bit of dish soap in one of the bowls and whisk to make a bubbly foam

7. Colourful Ice Cube Soup


If you've got little fans of water play, this ice play set up is sure to be a huge hit! Plus, it's a cool and refreshing play idea for hot summer days.


Large bowls/containers
Ice cubes coloured with food colouring (make lots)
VERY cold water for play (you don’t want the ice cubes melting too quickly)
Spoons, scoops and funnels
Small bowls and containers

--STEP 1--

Freeze about a dozen ice cube trays full of colourful ice cubes. Rather than adding food colouring to the individual sections of an ice cube tray, add several drops of food colouring to a jug of water, and use that to fill a few ice cube trays.

--STEP 2--

Once your ice cubes are frozen, transfer them into a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer. Give your ice cube trays a rinse, and begin again with a new colour.

--STEP 3--

Fill your large container with very cold water and watch as your kids scoop, pour and transfer water from one container to the next using scoops, ladles and funnels.

— Want more ideas on what to do this summer? Get Kidzapp now!

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9 Fun Art Activities For Kids
May 25, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Arts & Crafts

Find your little one's inner Picasso...

Art is an absolutely wonderful way for your boys and girls to express themselves. For younger children, art can also help to enhance their ability to analyze and problem-solve, practice their fine motor skills and even learn the basics of math as they count pieces and colours. And in addition to promoting positive skills in older kids and teens such as collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving, and motivation, art has also shown to be a therapeutic benefit to help combat mental health issues.

So whether you have toddlers or teens, beginners or budding artists who are quite familiar with the paint brush, these art activities for kids are a perfect outlet for your children to use their imagination and develop their creativity.

1. Shaving Cream Marble Art


Abstract art doesn't get cooler than this. Super simple and super fun, this art activity will have your kiddos wanting do endless combinations.


Shaving foam
Shallow baking dish, such as a pie plate
Liquid watercolour paint (or watered-down food colouring)
Stir stick, such as a chopstick or the bottom of a paintbrush
Card stock (or poster board cut into smaller pieces)
A scraper, such as a square piece of cardboard

--STEP 1--

First, spray a layer of shaving cream to cover the bottom of your baking dish. Then, use a dropper to add drops of liquid watercolour paint on top of the shaving cream. (If you don’t have liquid watercolours, you can use watered-down food colouring).

--STEP 2--

Use a stick (a chopstick, the end of a paintbrush, or even the dropper) to swirl the paint around for a marbled effect.

--STEP 3--

Press a piece of card stock into the paint covered shaving cream.

--STEP 4--

Lift up the card stock then use a piece of cardboard to scrape off the shaving cream.

2. Build A Robot Friend

Art comes in all shapes and forms - this time in the form of a robot! Have your kids use their imagination and try it out as little toymakers as they build their very own wooden, robot friend. The wooden blocks come blank so the robot can become anything from a pirate to your child's favourite cartoon character.

All materials and tools needed are included in the kit. Only AED 45 on Kidzapp.

3. Shadow Drawing For Kids

Image: PlayTivities (Facebook)

Use the sun for a fun art activity that will get your kids to practice their drawing skills. If your child has some favourite toys, bring them out and see their excitement as they try to trace their shapes.


Normal paper
Pencils or markers
Toy animals/action figures/other objects

--STEP 1--

Line up your chosen objects next to your window (choose simpler objects for younger kids) - then lay down a piece of paper next to each of them.

--STEP 2--

Get your pencils, colouring pens or markers out and start tracing the shadows that the objects create

4. Paint with Nature


Creating beautiful pieces of art can be as simple as finding tools from nature. Give your child a tray and tell them to pick a few things to paint with. They can also grab a few sticks for paint handles. This fun activity is all about experimenting and figuring out what you and the kiddos like best.

Remember to tell them what’s off-limits if you don’t want them to pick your beloved heirloom dahlias to paint with.

5. The Kidz Crate Activity Boxes

If you don't have any art materials at home but still want to get your kiddies' creative juices flowing, Kidz Factory delivers some awesome DIY activity boxes that will get your kids to imagine, build, paint or bake. From painting your own ceramic coin banks and magnets to decorating cookies and cupcakes, your kids are going to love it!

Get 10% with Kidzapp, delivery throughout the UAE, boxes starting from AED 49

6. Draw with Rob

Image: Rob Biddulph (YouTube)

Join #DrawWithRob, a series of twice-weekly draw-along videos designed to edutain you and your kids while you're stuck at home. Learn the art of drawing as you try to create a unicorn, monster, superhero bear, rainbow peacock and so much more!

7. Kandinsky for Kids: Process Art


Get inspired by the Russian born artist Kandinsky, in this fun activity. The best part about Kandinsky inspired art is that you can pretty much use whatever you have at home; spaghetti, cotton balls, and foam shapes would all be great things to use here. Gather unique finds around your house and create a mixed media compilation using paper shapes, wood BBQ skewers, toothpicks, foam stamps, glue and watercolours and incorporate a bit of geometry in there too.

8. Bubble Painting


Bubble painting produces bright, brilliant prints that are immediately frame-worthy, plus it’s the perfect balance between an exciting dry ice experiment and a creative art project, which makes an awesome STEAM activity for your littles.


Bowl full of warm water
Baking sheet
Dry ice
Liquid dish soap
Food colouring
White paper
Paper towels

--STEP 1--

Place the bowl of water on top of a baking sheet to catch the mess that I knew was coming. Use gloves to place a plum-sized chunk of dry ice into the bowl full of water. The interaction between dry ice and water is always fascinating to watch!

--STEP 2--

Squeeze a generous amount of liquid dish soap into the water. Like magic, cloud-filled bubbles will to grow out from the bowl (this will be super exciting for your little ones).

--STEP 3--

Squeeze one drop of food colouring onto the bubbles that are pouring out of the bowl. Before those bubbles can go anywhere, press a piece of white paper onto the coloured bubbles, pull it away, and voila! Bubble prints.

9. Draw Dubai's City Skyline

Image: Art For All (YouTube)

Watch a step-by-step video that will teach you how to draw Dubai's City Skyline. Just follow the steps to re-create the image and remember to colour it in to make it your own beautiful piece of art. You can even have a go at the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Frame.

--- Want more ideas for art activities for kids? Get Kidzapp now!

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5 Reasons Why Your Kids Would Benefit From Online Math Tutoring
April 26, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Arts & Crafts

The thought of doing distance learning until the end of the school year is enough to fill us parents with collective dread. Whether you're a working parent, have more than one child to take care of or just already loaded with enough things to do at home, we all have the added task of having to home school our children. And it is by no means an easy feat. 

Support for parents during these trying times is more than welcome, and here are the reasons why Mathnasium's online, interactive sessions would be great for your kids' math studies.


Mathnasium specializes in teaching math to kids ages 6-16 in a way that makes sense to them.


With Mathnasium @home, your child will get all the math help needed from the comfort of your home that's just as engaging as the classroom.


All Mathnasium students start by taking a customized assessment which pinpoints their learning needs. They then deliver a personalized learning plan designed to address your child's needs.


Whether your child started out far behind or already ahead in math, Mathnasium will help them leap ahead because they know that any child can be successful in math.


All teaching takes place during the Mathnasium session, and they don’t assign homework!

The results have shown to be transformative and you will see:

- a 25-30% increase in math grades in under 3 months

- improved math skills and understanding instead of relying on memorisation

- a boost in confidence and attitude towards math

Sign up for Mathnasium’s Exclusive Online Math Tutoring now and leave your kids with them to let you focus on your busy schedule!

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Make An Easy DIY Galaxy Jar
April 26, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Arts & Crafts
Thanks to Kidz Blog, your boys and girls can get creative with glitter and colourful paints to create their own starry sky Galaxy Jar! This mesmerising galaxy in a jar is super easy to make and a cool decorative piece that will take your littles on a trip to outer space.

What You'll Need

  • A Mason jar
  • Water
  • Paints in pink, blue, and purple colours
  • Silver glitter
  • Cotton balls


1. Begin by filling the mason jar 1/3 of the way with water. 2. Grab the silver glitter and add it to the water. You can put as much or as little glitter as you would like. 3. Decide what colour paint you want to use first and add a few drops of it into the mason jar. Make sure you screw the lid back on to the jar tightly. 4. Now for the fun part! Lightly shake the mason jar and watch the water, paint and glitter mix together. 5. Next, stretch out the cotton balls and place them at the bottom of the mason jar. 6. Repeat steps 1-5 until you reach the top of the jar and place the lid back on. ABOUT KIDZ.BLOG Kidz.Blog! is a bi-monthly children’s magazine that aims to educate children through fun games and puzzles. The concept of Kidz.Blog sprouts from creating a community publication that is fun and educational. Articles featured in the magazine are by influential people and regular school students. The core of the content is aimed to motivate children’s participation in art and literature by encouraging submissions as well as written discussions.
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Mother’s Day Crafts Your Kids Will Love
March 19, 2020 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Arts & Crafts, Kids Activities

Mother’s Day 2020 might be celebrated a little differently this year, but rest assured, your family appreciates you just as much - if not more! Here are some fun arts & crafts activities that you can do together, that you (mommies) can cherish for years to come!

Flower Card

This craft is unique to every child; with your child’s picture as well as cute little messages for mom! Kids can choose to paint or color this flower template on their own.

Underneath the colored flower is a blank flower where kids can write loving messages just for Mommy! Younger kids can tell you what messages they would like you to write while older kids can write their own.

Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions and free printables.


A Big Hug From Us

No hug is better than the hugs we receive from our little ones. This super simple, but very heartfelt craft includes your kiddies’ hand cutouts to make for a card that’s better than anything store-bought.  Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions. 

Handprint Mom You Are My Sunshine

For memories and a gift mom will treasure for years to come, this DIY sunshine keepsake craft is perfect for framing and/or turning into a card. Your little ones can add glitter, or as many creative touches as they like!  Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions and free  

Handprint Flower Craft

Instead of buying mom flowers this year, why not make her an everlasting bouquet that’s unique, and just as beautiful. Choose between a pot, or vase and use those little hands to make a mother’s day craft that mom is bound to keep forever!  Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions and free printables.Mothers-Day-Handprint-Flower-Craft-and-Free-Template_A-Little-Pinch-of-Perfect-9  Also Check: 10 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids


Mother's Day Fingerprint Art

If you’ve got toddlers, this one is perfect for them; they’ll enjoy some sensory fun as they dip their tiny fingers in colorful paint, and it will result in a priceless gift for mommy! You can even choose to prepare your own taste-safe homemade finger paints.  Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions.Mothers-Day-Fingerprint-Art copy  

Footprint Craft

Here’s a craft that’s very easy to make, looks great when finished, and only requires paint! Feel free to include dad or siblings too, to add more “footprint rays” to your beautiful work of art.youaremysunshine  

Home is Where Mom Is

This adorable craft is bound to make any mom’s heart melt. The message is touching, and the craft is super simple to make, using only popsicle sticks and buttons.

Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions.home-is-where-mom-is-mothers-day-gift  

Footprint Rocket

Space loving kids will especially enjoy this one. Not only will they get to make a footprint with paint, but they also get to make it transform into a super cool rocket ship! Add shiny stars and smoke, to add those extra special details.  Click HERE for the step-by-step instructions.Footprint-Rocket-Love-You-To-The-Moon  

Happy Mother’s Day from our Kidzapp Family to yours!

Images: Stock/Social

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8 Fun and Kid-Friendly Workshops at Dubai Design Week
November 04, 2019 Posted by: Kidzapp Team Arts & Crafts, Kids Activities
Get your boys and girls' creative juices flowing at the Middle East's largest creative festival... Dubai Design Week is back in town this month and will take place over at d3 on November 11th-16th. The 6-day event is the place to be for fans of architecture, product design, interiors, multimedia and graphic design - and if you've got youngsters itching to get their hands busy, here are some great workshops they can take part in.

November 15

1. Thermoforming by Edutech Middle East

Allow your kids to explore the issues resulting from the long lifetime of plastics and the challenges associated with recycling them. Children will learn about Material Design, Manufacturing, Sustainability, Product Prototyping using Vacuum forming technique to create products. Each participant will get the chance to use the FormBox to recycle plastic bags into various objects. Your 10-year-olds and above will come of out of this workshop thinking about how to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics. Making Space, Building 5, One Life Kitchen and Cafe, Mezzanine Floor, d3, 10am-12pm, AED 25, more info

2. String Ball Lanterns by Dubai Jiggy

Create your own colorful mood lighting with this fun and messy workshop hosted by Dubai Jiggy. The workshop will teach your kids the basics of using glue, string, and balloons to create a pretty lantern. Working with your own glue mixture and different colors, they will learn how to create a stunning spring-branch string lights decoration piece. Making Space, Building 5, One Life Kitchen and Cafe, Mezzanine Floor, d3, 12:30pm-2:30pm, AED 25, more info

3. Holiday Wreath - The Flowerful Project

Encourage your children to connect with nature and design while creating their own holiday wreath with The Flowerful Project. During this one-hour workshop, each child will learn fun facts about the flowers and foliage they will be using as well as experience new techniques as they create a simple and unique holiday wreaths - perfect to hang up in your homes during the holiday season. Making Space, Building 5, One Life Kitchen and Cafe, Mezzanine Floor, d3, 3pm-4pm, AED 75, more info

4. Embroidered Sketchbooks Workshop

Help your kids get their creative juices flowing by building their very own sketchbooks; an essential tool to the creative process. Natalya Konforti of Glitches & Stitches will lead this 60-minute introductory workshop to bookbinding and embroidery. Following an introduction to basic needlework techniques, your children will select a pattern from the collection to embroider on fabric covers before mounting and binding their very own sketchbook. Making Space, Building 5, One Life Kitchen and Cafe, Mezzanine Floor, d3, 5pm-6pm, FREE, more info

November 16

5. Global Children’s Designathon 2019

Give your kids the opportunity to work in parallel with children across the globe in this international annual event. Children will work in small teams to come up with creative solutions to real-world problems, drawn from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this year focusing on the theme of Food & Climate Action. The children will come up with ideas, build and test prototypes using materials ranging from cardboard and glue to sensors, motors, and other electronic components, before presenting their solutions to their peers. Making Space, Building 5, One Life Kitchen and Cafe, Mezzanine Floor, d3, 10am-2pm, FREE, more info

6. Fantastical Cities: Recycled Dubai

Calling all young architects, dreamers and builders! Join the Royal Institute of British Architects Gulf Chapter for a fun-filled day at Dubai Design District where you can unleash your creativity and make your very own Fantastical City inspired entirely by your imagination. Children will learn about model making and how different materials can be used. There will be a team of professionally trained architects and architecture students on hand to assist the kids and encourage them to think about the places they live and how they can positively influence how they might be designed in the future. Using recycled materials, kids can create anything they are interested in that is useful in a city; from a skyscraper to bridges, monuments, hospitals, houses, or a park. Making Space, Between Building 8 and 9, d3, 10:30am-5pm, FREE, more info

7. Beijing Opera Masks Workshop

Give your little ones the chance to explore Chinese culture in this interactive workshop where they will learn about the history and narrative behind Beijing Opera masks with the help of a hands-on activity. During this hour-long workshop, children will get a glimpse into the meaning of colour, shapes & expressions behind Beijing Opera masks. Making Space, Building 5, One Life Kitchen and Cafe, Mezzanine Floor, d3, 2:30pm-3:30pm, FREE, more info

8. Giant Origami Animal Workshop

Explore the Japanese art of paper folding during this 1-hour workshop led by Origami Designer Studio. Participants will learn how to use a square sheets of paper to make folds and create one giant and one small origami animal. A step by step video tutorial of five different origami animal designs will then be emailed to the attendees for you to continue the Origami fun at home. Making Space, Building 5, One Life Kitchen and Cafe, Mezzanine Floor, d3, 4pm-5pm, AED 30, more info --- Stay updated with the best kid-friendly activities in town! - Get Kidzapp now! Images: Supplied
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